Welcome to Zekar! We have two photographers here, Mike our lead photographer, and Kamila our associate. Both serve Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto and the GTA. We also do destination weddings.


What do we do here at Zekar? Well, let’s start with what we are not, it might be easier this way because the wedding photography industry is saturated with many people doing the same things these days. So first, we are not your standard photographers and we do not follow trends! Our goal is to personalize your wedding to you, to bring you back to your wedding day so you remember it as it happened. We want to separate your wedding from the rest over making it look like what has been done. How do we do this? First and foremost we are wedding photojournalists, or documentary wedding photographers as some call it! We start with an in depth focus on getting to know the couples who commission us. Who are you, your likes and dislikes, what is your story and how can we turn that into visual art? Our work starts long before the wedding day, as we like to say, we do lots of preparation to be laid back. We follow that work through to documenting your day according to you personality and enhancing that with high end post production. In short, photographers all have a different style they can call their own, our goal is to capture memories and tell stories artistically. The candid moments of laughter with the bride and her friends getting ready through the joyful tears of the ceremony to the celebration at the reception, we create story’s in wedding images.


Our style, ninja-style as we prefer to call it, means Mike is an expert at getting all the beautiful little moments that happen at your wedding when everyone is caught up in the happy emotions of the day! However, as wedding photojournalists, our goal is to not only provide clients with an exceptional wedding photographer, but to continue that work into beautiful pieces of art. We feel that a strong part of what we do is to create prints for our clients that will last. Avoiding trends that may or may not look dated in a few years means our work will have artistic value long down the road of your marriage. In a digital age many people have lost touch with the tangible experience that comes from physical prints. A strong focus on our couple’s personalities creates a experience that is fun, has longevity, and high artistic value. We use high quality editing and advanced use of light to create a feel not like every other picture in a wedding blog you see, but unique to your wedding!

We know that every wedding is different, so we’re flexible within our coverage packages so that we can build a custom service geared to your specific needs. Send us a quick email and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we price our services for your day. We believe that weddings require a photographer who is an artist that can extend that skill past taking pictures into albums and custom displays for your wedding, and we are confident each one of the fully-edited images you receive from us will be one you’ll be proud to hang on your wall for all to see.

If you would like a more in-depth explanation on what we believe wedding photography is all about, some tips to help you choose the right wedding photographer for you and what we are all about here at Zekar, check out our blog in our main menu, click the Facebook button, or hang with us on Google Plus.

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The Zekar team!