Our studio is located at 270 Sherman Ave in Hamilton, Ontario. Our space is primarily designed to meet our clients in, a place where you can see more examples of our work and print products that we offer. If you'd like to set up a meeting with us, just give us a call at 905-746-5858, as our studio is open by appointment only.  

To find out more about Mike Tigchelaar and Kamila Kuzmicka our Lead Photographers, check out their bio's below. Scroll down for more info on our Associate Photographer, Jordan Browne. 

Mike Tigchelaar, Lead Photographer, Owner

You can check out Mike's work on Instagram @zekar_photography_studio or on our blog. 

Mike Tigchelaar Zekar Photography

First and simply, I’m a professional photographer who serves Hamilton and the surrounding southern Ontario region.  I grew up in the country outside of Hamilton.  I love being with people and providing my couples with memories.  I am blessed to be able to do what I love and provide our community with something valuable.  I am passionate about every aspect of photography from the functions of the camera, getting the perfect shot, to the design of wedding albums and printing fine art prints. I became the photographer I am through picking a camera up and taking it around the world as I traveled.  I learned from doing.

My style

I have always been candid and unobtrusive as a photographer.  My gift is in reading the moment without intruding and creating art out of small instants in life. I will find unique areas to get a perspective on the picture that expands its artistic quality. For me photography is not just composition and mechanics, it's very emotional. I like to listen.  As people talk you can hear emotion build that will give a sign that a good picture is about to happen. Photography allows me to combine the feeling of an occasion with a visual representation of that feeling. Nothing else can do this.  I do believe its the closest thing to an actual memory we can get! During the times when a couple is camera aware, I have the ability to create a relaxed environment, disarm them from the intimidation of the camera and get people laughing, even if it’s at my expense (which it mostly is).

My editing techniques are extensive but simple. I view the process like the pioneers of photography did with film.  I learn from their success and make subtle adjustments that don't take over the image. I avoid trends and automated computer edits that in years to come might lose their appeal.  Every image is edited by hand. My aim is to create art that has longevity, so that in years to come when trends change each image can stand on its own, be relevant and have impact, while preserving the memory of the moment.

Thanks for getting to know me a bit, looking forward to hearing from you :)

Mike Tigchelaar


Kamila Kuzmicka, Lead Photographer

For Kamila's Portfolio, click here. You can also check her out on Instagram @kamila_zekarphoto


Each of us has a unique way of seeing the world.  None better than others…just different.  I see the world in pictures.  As I drive and look up at the clouds, pause to take in a sunset or see people interacting with each other I want to document it. I am compelled to share those moments. Being the Associate Photographer at Zekar has presented me with a unique opportunity to participate in many people’s joyful moments and to offer to them the world according to… me. Discovering beauty where it might otherwise be overlooked is oftentimes a matter of finding the right light and a flattering angle.

Mike and I are a team. We have been working together for a few years now and our working styles complement each other. Our shared passion for photography has sparked this collaboration. We are both dedicated to continued learning and improvement of our craft. We are willing to go to great lengths in order to get that one unforgettable shot. This attention and dedication is prevalent throughout the whole editing process.

My mission is to present my clients with a series of images that capture the uniqueness of the occasion, the emotions associated with it and for all of us to have some FUN along the way!!!

I am looking forward to meeting you in person and chatting about your special day!




Associate Photographer Jordan Browne 

To see Jordan's introductory portfolio, click here. 

From a very young age, I have been fascinated with photography and it's ability to tell stories.

As a creative problem solver I'm experimental and curious, and always willing to take on a challenge to create a breathe taking image or memory.

I enjoy new experiences and meeting new people, and because of the uniqueness of every occasion, wedding photography has become a passion of mine. 

Always on the hunt for candid moments, cheeky smiles and sly glances. 

Capturing energy, genuine love and emotions is my motivation. 

With a keen attention to detail and adaptive spontaneity, I thrive in a busy environment. 

With a light, friendly demeanour and an artistic approach , he is dedicated to making your special day a fun and memorable one!