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As part of their wedding ceremony, they both poured sand from each beach that their cottages are on - from the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay - as a symbol of their unity. And their variation of a guest book was so unique and personal - everyone signed a custom cut piece of wood and they used it as their coffee table. Isn't that the best idea ever?! Plus one of their guests gave them a gift of customized canoe paddles...you really can't get cuter or anymore Canadian than that! I just love it. :) 

The wedding took place at one of our favourite venues, Dyments Farm. I remember going on field trips there as a little kid and I'm so glad they opened up their beautiful facility as a wedding venue. It's so fresh and relaxed, with all the guests gathering on the patio for drinks and appetizers before the ceremony. And lets not forget the epic first look location - a gorgeous view of the town of Dundas, right at the edge of the Niagara escarpment. 

I love how Rob is cool as a cucumber throughout most of the day - except when he sees his drop-dead gorgeous wife, in her incredible two piece wedding dress, for the first time. These two truly do have one of the best first-look reveals that we've done in awhile! And the emotion and laughter and fun that happens during the speeches, this one is really one of my favourites of the year so far! 

tying tie serious groom nap

Guys - their nighties say NAP. Haha! :D  bridesmaids

bride bridemaid getting shoes on

yay buttons bracelet kisses

Cute Daddy-Daughter moment coming up!! :D 

daddy girl love

beautiful bride cool guys on wagon epic bridal first look epic bridal first look epic bridal first look epic bridal first look emotional groom emotional groom emotional groom emotional groom cute bride bride and groom mustang

It rained, but no surprise, it was a pretty rainy summer here in Southern Ontario!  rain

rainy guests rainy guests custom canoe paddles custom canoe paddles tiny feet tears bride walking down aisle bide and parents more tears bride giveaway outdoor farm wedding ceremony outdoor farm wedding ceremony outdoor farm wedding ceremony outdoor farm wedding ceremony outdoor farm wedding ceremony outdoor farm wedding ceremony first kiss first kiss first kiss just married mingling mingling entrance entrance adorable speeches adorable speeches adorable speeches tearful speeches tearful speeches tearful speeches tearful speeches first dance first dance first dance first dance first dance first dance first dance

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Shane & Amy - Beautiful & Unique Wedding at The Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2017/8/shane-amy---beautiful-unique-wedding-at-the-warplane-heritage-museum-hamilton Attention all you aviation geeks and airplane enthusiasts, this is one wedding you will not want to miss!  Shane & Amy were married on a rainy fall day last year at the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario.  Even though it was rainy and foggy during the day, everything cleared right up and there was an incredible sunset at the end of the night.

These two lovebirds are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet - when Shane found out that Mike would be working on my birthday, he remembered to give me a shout out at the reception. Super sweet! You can tell that these two are so in love too, they have a lot of fun together and seriously had such a blast at on their big day. This was our first wedding at the Museum and we were pretty excited to be amongst all the rich history and amazing aircraft. 

I love how Amy's dress has the perfect vintage feel that goes perfectly with the theme of the day. Shane is an avid aviator and also a professional videographer, so he travels a ton across Canada and back again. Most likely in tiny planes I'd never set foot in in a million years :) 


bride getting ready red lipstick lace dress

groom getting ready groom getting ready first look first look first look airplane themed wedding ceremony airplane themed wedding ceremony airplane themed wedding ceremony airplane themed wedding ceremony

Instead of blowing bubbles or throwing rice, Shane & Amy had their guests toss paper airplanes at them in celebration of their marriage :) 

airplane themed wedding ceremony

bridal portrait lovebirds in airplane

Every time it's raining out, Mike always keeps one eye on what is happening inside and one eye on what's happening outside. Which is a good thing, because the sky that night was unreal! 

sunset airplane

first dance

dancing dancing

How's this for a super unique, super romantic dance? :)  first dance among the airplane warplane heritage museum

Did you love this wedding as much as I did? I can't get over how lovely Shane & Amy are and how the aircraft were such a perfect backdrop for these two! If you're interested in having Mike and our team capture your special day, give me a shout! In the meantime you can check out our latest work @kate_zekarphoto on Instagram. 

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Kristel & Ryan - Gorgeous Wedding at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2017/7/kristel-ryan---gorgeous-wedding-at-crosswinds-golf-country-club It took me way too long to post Kristel & Ryan's incredible wedding at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, but boy am I super excited to share it with you now. They got married last September and their wedding was one of my favourites of the year. Which you can probably tell, as I included way too many pictures in this post - but there were just so many amazing moments, I couldn't leave anything out.

Kristel is one of those super sweet, really thoughtful kind of girls, evidenced by the absolutely perfect gift she gave Ryan on the morning of their big day. She knew how hard it was that Ryan's dad was looking down on him from Heaven on such an important day in a man's life. So she did the best thing she could think of and had special cufflinks made with a picture of his dad on them, so he'd be walking along with Ryan the whole day. I still tear up at Ryan's reaction, even all of these months later!  

This wedding is one of the best examples of why we love our job so much, capturing the best parts of peoples lives - the love, the laughter and the happy tears - all on one day :)  groomsmen shaving groom tie

goofy groomsmen groom opening gift groom reacting groom crying friend helping groom sister reacting hugging cufflink

crazy kids

I love kids at weddings so much, they always crack me up with their hilarious facial expressions! 

  bride shirts

bridesmaid kissing bride squad bridal suite busy hotel room bride dress church bride up aisle cute baby love eyes happy couple

I always love the very first photos of the brand new Mr & Mrs - the look on our couples faces as the relief of the ceremony pressure is now off, and they can enjoy the rest of the day as husband and wife is the best. But before Kristel & Ryan headed off to do their photos, they had one stop to make at a very special lady's house. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that they surprised their dear friend with a visit, and she just happened to be making a batch of home made perogies! 

grandma love grandma kiss family photo

bride and groom on escape ladder bridal party One of the best parts about getting married at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club (besides the delicious food and super professional staff) is the scenery can't be beat. We love the rolling hills and the epic views of the Halton escarpment! 

crosswinds golf and country club crosswinds golf and country club crosswinds golf and country club crosswinds golf and country club crazy groomsmen reception entrance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance

bride and groom kissing candid wedding moments candid wedding moments parent dances ringbearer money dancing

During the reception, Mike always has an eye on the weather outside. Some of our very best pictures are taken at night or during sunset. He noticed that there was the clearest sky, full of stars and had Kristel and Ryan take a quick breather for this beautiful shot. As luck would have it, there is actually a shooting star making its way clear across the sky. I think Ryan's dad may have had something to do with that :) 

bride and groom shooting star

I'm going to end this post with some hilarious garter toss shots. It was such a fun, emotional and beautiful day, I just love being able to enjoy it through these incredible photos!  garter toss garter toss garter toss

Do you love this wedding as much as I do? If you'd like Mike and our team to be part of your special day, give me a shout!  You can also follow us on Instagram to see what we've been up to lately @kate_zekarphoto. 

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Willa & Matthew - Romantic Wedding at Vineland Estates, Vineland Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2017/4/willa-matthew---romantic-wedding-at-vineland-estates-vineland-ontario Willa & Matthew were married at the beautiful Vineland Estates Winery this past October. With all the crazy rain and weather we had this fall, we weren't sure what the day would bring - but it brought beautiful sunny skies and an incredible sunset that made one of our favourite pictures of the year.  Vineland estates always offers a magical backdrop to any of the events we do there, but for Willa and Matthew there just seemed to be something extra special. 

Willa and Matthew are the sweetest couple, they were both so excited to celebrate their special day with all of their amazing friends and family. One of the best things about these two is how they come alive when they are in each others company - the way Matthew just wraps his arms around his lovely Willa makes my heart so happy. 

Take a look at some of my favourites from this happy day! 

"You are my greatest adventure"  

groom yellow room groom looking at iphone bridal makeup bride getting ready bride earrings bride coming around corner

first kiss laughter bridal party cake bride and dad groom watching bride love eyes altar kiss married mr and mrs sunset bride and groom church wine cellar giggles wine casks wedding ring speeches loving audience funny speech cake smush oops laughing bride and groom snuggling gazing eyes sparklers sparklers kissing under the moonlight

Did you love this wedding as much as I did? Contact us today to see how we can capture your special day! 

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Criselda & Vimal - Stunning Rainy Day Wedding at Honsberger Estate, Lincoln, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2017/3/criselda-vimal---stunning-rainy-day-wedding-at-honsberger-estate-lincoln-ontario After I finished sorting through Cris & Vim's photos for this blog, I realised something: I had way too many favourites. It's a good problem to have, and as you'll see below, nobody can blame me. Their wedding was one of those ones that had so much magic in it throughout the entire day that its hard to find the moment that made it the most special. From the pure love that Cris & Vim have written all over their faces, to the seriously beautiful daddy-daughter moments, to the absolutely gorgeous venue at Honsberger Estate Winery - everything was simply perfect.

One of the best things about their wedding day was one that most couples worry about - the weather. The weather that day was pretty awful - it was raining and incredibly windy. Those two things combined make for a pretty challenging experience for photographers, but if there is one thing that Mike loves, and thrives in, it's a challenge. And the pictures couldn't have turned out any better because of it. 

Take a look below and just bask in the beauty of the love these two have for eachother!

"And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more"


groom writing note groom cufflinks groom getting ready

groom groom putting tie on groom putting bowtie on bride getting makeup happy bride silhouette happy friend bride fixing hair getting dress on classic bride pulling the strings bride in mirror bridesmaids crying bride laughing bride

Okay, get your tissues out. When I see images like this, I get all teary thinking about how Mike is going to react when our daughters get married one day. (In a million years of course!)   dad waiting for bride bride seeing dad bride and dad seeing eachother for first time dad love groom waiting bride seeing groom happiness i love you bride groom kissing loving

vineyard groom walking up aisle groom waiting under flowered trellis bride up aisle wedding ceremony

It was a little windy! windy smiling bride unity candle blessing holding hands first kiss married standing in the rain tablescape bride and dad cooking head table kissing in rain cake cheers cake mash first dance first dance first wedding dance say cheese

You know you've got great friends when they'll stand out in the middle of the pouring rain with you, waving sparklers and pouring love on you!  night party

Surprisingly, it only took a few shots to get this one :) 
ring toss

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Mark & Sandy - Stunning Wedding at Cathedral Basilica of Christ The King, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/12/mark-sandy---wedding-at-cathedral-basilica-of-christ-the-king-hamilton-ontario Mark and Sandy's wedding was such a beautiful event that it was hard to pick just a few favourites. It was a gorgeous summer day this past July and when we arrived at Mark's hotel room, there was a certain kind excitement in the air that can only mean it's going to be a perfect day.  

Sandy's getting ready shoot is one of my favourites of the whole year. Not only does it demonstrate the importance of having the perfect bridesman, the reactions of her friends when they see her in her dress is amazing. And who can blame them really, her dress is like something straight out of a fairy tale - classic but with the perfect length to add a little bit of flirty fun with those perfect shoes.  

This was the first time we had ever done a wedding at Cathedral Basilica of Christ The King, an iconic cathedral here in Hamilton, so we were pretty excited to get the chance to photograph this beautiful couple in such a stunning atmosphere.  After the ceremony we headed over to one of our favourite spots to get great urban wedding photos, James Street North in Hamilton. I always love the contrast of the soft romance of our couples in love and the gritty backdrops of our city. 

Take a look at my favourites from the day, I know you'll love this one as much as I do! 

groom getting ready groom getting ready black excited bridesmaid happy bride bride loving little kid silhouette of makeup bridesman beautiful bride princess bride dress friends seeing bride for first time friends seeing bride for first time basilica flower girl

bride and groom in cathedral happy couple ring bearer bride and groom hamilton you me and brandon happy bride street photo burnt tongue bride coming down stairs bride and groom first dance

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Melanie & Jeff - Wedding at Earth to Table Farm, Flamborough http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/12/melanie-jeff---wedding-at-earth-to-table-farm-flamborough Melanie and Jeff's wedding day was an exact reflection of the kind of people these two are - really fun, really relaxed and totally head over heels for each other. The wedding had a country rustic vibe, which was perfect for these to country kids.  I love all of the special looks that Mike captured between the two of them, I bet if we looked really closely you could see how Jeff's pupils actually turn into heart-shapes when he looks at his stunning bride Melanie. Melanie's smile lights up his whole world and you can tell that these two are in it for keeps. The wedding took place at one of our favourite rustic venues, Earth To Table Farm. The whole reception was full of a lot of laughs from their hilarious and talented friends. Everyone was committed to making sure Melanie and Jeff had the time of their lives, and by the looks of things, they sure did. Take a look at some of my favourite images from the day! 

groom getting ready

groom getting ready

laughing bride smiling bride makeup artist makeup first look groom by truck bride and dad wedding ceremony vows first kiss kissing in field lovely couple laughing couple snuggling couple funny speeches kissing candid hugs sunset cheers cute first dance love happy dad goofy groom drummers funny flags happy guest dancing guest


Doesn't this wedding look like it was a blast? If you'd like Mike to capture all of the fun at your wedding, contact us today! And be sure to check us out on Instagram by following me @kate_zekarphoto to see all of our latest work. 

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Alex & Lisa - Gorgeous Liuna Station Wedding, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/11/alex-lisa---gorgeous-liuna-station-wedding-hamilton-ontario Alex and Lisa got married on a  day this past June. The ceremony was held at St Ann's Parish and the reception was at the grand Liuna Station in Hamilton. It was such a beautiful wedding, filled with personal touches that really reflected the personalities of this sweet couple. I adore Lisa's delicate lace wedding dress - and those buttons up the back, with her beautiful vintage hair piece? Couldn't have been more perfect. 

Alex and Lisa have the most incredible way of looking at each other - the picture where Alex is putting the ring on Lisa's finger? Be still my heart! Everything about this wedding seemed so intimate and romantic to me - the quiet moments that these two shared throughout the day was really special. Take a look at my favourites from the day! 

woman getting ready cute flower girl happy bride stunning bride groom walking down aisle bride walking down aisle groom loves bride bride and groom gazing at eachother

kissing at altar happy looks at the end of the aisle bride laughing kissing in church pews bride and groom in hallway

stained glass love kissing by wood pile bride and groom dinosaur wedding cake toppers laughing at speeches beautiful bride bride and groom first dance laughing at first dance bride looking up at groom bride and groom on the street

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Krista & Steve - Married at Earth To Table, Flamborough, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/10/krista-steve---married-at-earth-to-table-flamborough-ontario One of the best things about doing wedding photography is seeing how much love their is in family. Krista and Steve are so lucky to have had such wonderful people surrounding them on their special day, they have such a strong foundation to start out on.  Krista and Steve decided to do a first look session, something that always makes for really special moments. A lot of our couples opt for first look sessions because it takes some of the tension and anticipation away from the ceremony, plus things are always better when you experience more of the moments together. 

The wedding took place at Earth to Table, one of our new favourite local venues. Everything was expertly coordinated by the fabulous Liana at Birch & Lace. Take a look at my favourite moments from the day - even though it rained a little during the evening, it only added to the magic that Steve & Krista create when they are together. 

getting makeup on getting foundation on flower girl

beautiful bride bride and mom

bride getting ready funny parents bride getting shoes on beautiful boy groom bowie

whiskey cheers dad hand

waiting for bride bride and groom laughing bride smiling ringbearer running bridal portrait stairway groom standing country wedding happy bride down aisle groom crying

giving bride away first kiss husband and wife bride and groom laughing guests laughing bride laughing bride singing to groom guests watching bride and groom dance dad dancing with bride bride and groom in rain at night Did you love this wedding as much as I did? Contact us to see how we can capture your special day, or follow me on Instagram @kate_zekarphoto to see what we're up to next! 

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Andrea & Bill - Knollwood Golf Course & Marquis Gardens, Ancaster, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/8/andrea-bill---knollwood-golf-course-marquis-gardens-ancaster-ontario Andrea and Bill had a sweet, country themed wedding at Knollwood Golf Club in Ancaster.  It was a perfect Spring day and there was much excitement and joking in the air as the girls got ready for the day. The groomsmen were ready in no time of course, so they had lots of time to hang out in the barn and be, goofing around as only country boys can do. I love the adorable first look Andrea and Bill shared, you can totally feel the happiness just radiating from the two of them. And I adore the way that Andrea's dad has the perfect Father of the Bride look - serious, but also kind of misty eyed too. 

The reception was held at the lovely Marquis Gardens, also in Ancaster.  These two had the cutest game to get things going, it was the "shoe game", pretty much like the Newlywed Game. They did really well, considering they'd only been married a couple of hours - badump-ching! 

Take a look at this happy couple on their special day. And hey if you like what you see here and want to see what else we've been up to lately, you can follow me on Instagram @kate_zekarphoto! 

bride champagne bride chugging champagne bride looking out window groom looking out barn groomsmen with guns groom seeing bride for first time groom seeing bride for first time groom seeing bride for first time aisle decorations bride waiting with flower girl grandpa and grandson bride walking with dad happy bride with dad dad giving daughter away groom gazing at bride dad paying attention to bride bride making face first kiss kissing in leaves bridal portrait kissing in shadows

kissing in black and white love cake topper bride introducing shoe game bride with shoes green apples wedding ring laughing couple first dance groom holding bride happy dancing couples streetlight love globe kissing silhouettes sparkler wedding

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Anna & Rad - Grand Olympia Ballroom, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/8/anna-rad---grand-olympia-ballroom-hamilton-ontario It was a lovelySpring day on the day of Anna & Rad's wedding. These two travelled all the way back to Hamilton from Ottawa so they could be closer to their roots while they celebrate this new chapter in their lives.  I love Anna's simply elegant style with the splash of colour with her fuschia pumps - so fun! As soon as these two saw eachother for the first time, they could not stop smiling. After their first look,  they headed over to one of our favourite photography spots in the city - James St North, and then over to the ceremony which was held at the gorgeous St. Stanislaus Parish, in Hamilton, Ontario. These two have been best friends and partners for a long time and I can definitely relate to how good it feels to finally make it official.

After the ceremony, we headed over to another popular photography spot for us, the Hamilton Waterfront. There is something about the urban industrial grittiness of these spots combined with the beauty and elegance of a wedding party that just makes my heart pitter patter.  The reception was held at the lovely Grand Olympia Ballroom, one of Hamilton's classic wedding venues. 

Take a look at the beautiful day these two had!


getting read bride hand clasp wedding rings on painting bride laughing groom seeing bride for first time polish blessing groom helping bride walking down the street bride and groom walking across street

kissing in alley kissing groom bride and groom old home bride and groom graffiti walking downtown hamilton kissing under a veil cathedral bride with ring pillow

little boy peering up groomsmen bride and groom at altar smiling bride and groom laughing couple bride and groom kissing by ship bride and groom kissing sparklers ballroom dancing bride and groom dancing having wedding

mike@zekarphoto.com (Zekar Photography, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalist.) candid wedding photography city wedding hamilton wedding photographer james street north polish wedding urban wedding http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/8/anna-rad---grand-olympia-ballroom-hamilton-ontario Sun, 14 Aug 2016 15:55:21 GMT
Lauren, Ewan & Baby L - Lifestyle Family Photoshoot, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/7/lauren-ewan-baby-l---lifestyle-family-photoshoot-hamilton-ontario Get ready for a little super cute on this sunny Saturday morning! 

You know what makes me really happy? When our past clients contact us to document the extra special early months of their new addition. It's so awesome to be able to witness the growing family of Lauren & Ewan, whom we photographed at their fabulous wedding back in 2013. Baby L is pretty much the cutest baby ever, which goes without saying as you'll see below. With his incredibly adorable rolls and his sparkly blue eyes, I could literally just eat this guy right up. And the pride and love on Lauren & Ewan's face is just so beautiful, made me tear up a little that's for sure! 

newborn chubby baby mom kissing baby baby hands baby eyes family mom feeding baby dad snuggling baby mom and chubby baby chubby baby arms beautiful mama thinking baby proud dad and baby

mike@zekarphoto.com (Zekar Photography, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalist.) documentary family photoshoot lifestyle photography newborn baby http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/7/lauren-ewan-baby-l---lifestyle-family-photoshoot-hamilton-ontario Sat, 23 Jul 2016 14:08:10 GMT
Katie & Jordan - Earth To Table Farm Wedding, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/6/katie-jordan---earth-to-table-farm-wedding-hamilton-ontario Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. Sometimes the snow comes down in...April. 

Yep, it snowed a bit on Katie & Jordan's spring wedding day, but it actually made the pictures even better than they would have been if it had been a sunny day.

Know what else made Katie & Jordan's wedding so awesome? How totally in love these two are. How much fun they had with their super awesome family and friends. How the little details that they incorporated into their day made it extra personal - especially the absolutely adorable announcement they had at their signing table. Plus the wooden sign they had for their guests to write well-wishes on was pretty awesome too.  I love weddings at Earth To Table Farm, those guys are true pro's and the food is always incredible. 

I love how Jordan had gifts for each of his parents on his wedding day, and I especially love that he picked out a bracelet for his mom to wear that day. I love the contrast of the soft, pretty wedding details on the harsh, industrial background and grey weather. I love the look in Katie's eyes as she looks up at her gentleman. 

Take a look at some of my favourites from the day!

getting ready dad giving instruction son giving mom a present mom reacting mom smiling mom and son hugging wedding converse tattoo bride mom getting daughter ready

bridesmaids react man standing on pier bridal party waiting bride walking through rain groom and bride seeing for the first time bride and groom hugging bridal party walking hamilton groomsmen bridesmaids bride and groom and puddles kissing in snow bridal party snow globe bridal portrait succulent flowers black and white

rusty pipes through the looking glass love board table numbers vintage wedding details baby announcement bride going to walk down aisle dad and bride emotional dad bride looking ad husband laughing couple laughing bridal party married bride and groom standing in snow kissing couple candid photo


daddy daughter dance mom son dance bride groom dance cuddling on dance floor

Did you guys love this wedding like I loved it? Tell me about it on Instagram @kate_zekarphoto or contact us today! 

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Surprise Marriage Proposal, Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/6/surprise-marriage-proposal-albion-falls-hamilton-ontario A couple of weeks ago we got a call from a very excited and nervous guy who was planning to propose to his girlfriend. Ben & Jen had planned to come to Hamilton from Kingston to go concert on the weekend but decided to come a day earlier to check out some of the waterfalls in our beautiful hometown. 

Ben called Mike to see if he would be willing to document the surprise and of course Mike was super excited and helped Ben set out the perfect plan.  See fig a. and fig. b for evidence of the perfect plan. 


Fig. A


Fig. B

On the day of the proposal it was absolutely gorgeous down at Albion Falls. When Mike and Kamila got there to set up, they found that there were about 30 people down at the falls enjoying the day. Since Ben and Jenn hadn't arrived, he and Kamila went around to each person to tell them what was going to be happening and if they could just subtly move off to the side so he could catch the moments. Everyone was very excited and some of the people who were about to leave decided to stay and watch. When Ben and Jenn arrived, and Ben saw Mike giving him the special signal, it was all up to Ben after that...

man and woman on rocks taking pictures of waterfall people looking at rocks

And it was perfect.

man proposing man proposal marriage proposal man putting ring on womans finger couple kissing by falls

After Jenn recovered from the happy shock of not only being proposed to but having 30 strangers clapping and cheering - along with a crowd that was gathering on the edges above- she was so happy and so excited. She was extra surprised when she realized Mike & Kamila had been secretly taking pictures the whole time. Ben had even asked her dad beforehand, which I just love

happy couple happy woman

couple kissing smiling engaged couple

What a beautiful way to start the next stage of their lives together! 


mike@zekarphoto.com (Zekar Photography, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalist.) engagement marriage proposal surprise waterfalls http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/6/surprise-marriage-proposal-albion-falls-hamilton-ontario Sat, 11 Jun 2016 13:45:42 GMT
Jesus & Kathleen's Intimate Wedding at La Piazza Allegra, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/6/jesus-kathleens-intimate-wedding-at-la-piazza-allegra-hamilton-ontario Kathleen and Jesus celebrated their marriage at the intimately beautiful La Piazza Allegra in Hamilton. These two have the kind of love that carries them through the ups and downs of maintaining a (very) long distance relationship, and we couldn't have been happier to document their new beginning together.  The day started off with a reveal at our studio in The Cotton Factory, continuing on to the wedding ceremony and incredible dinner at La Piazza Allegra. 

Jesus' family and friends came all the way over from Spain to attend this special event and it was so beautiful for both Kathleen and Jesus to have their families in one room. I adore the way Jesus looks at his gorgeous bride and how much fun these two have together. Take a look at some of my favourites from the day! You guys will definitely want to check out the really cool nighttime wedding portrait Mike captured for these two, it's one of those ones that you look at for awhile and you can't quite figure out which perspective you're looking at. 

bride behind groom

groom looking at bride black and white bride and groom groom wipes away tears bride and groom kissing

groomsmen black and white bride and groom against wall black and white bride and groom laughing bride and groom kissing against wall black and white photo of bride and groom people shaking hands groom eyes loving bride wedding ceremony bride and groom kissing altar champagne toast cheers to their guests vintage bride

groom reacting to speech mom wiping grooms tears woman watching bride and groom dance night time wedding portraits abstract night time wedding portraits

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Laura & Shawn - Ancaster Mill Wedding, Ancaster Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/5/laura-shawn---ancaster-mill-wedding-ancaster-ontario Laura & Shawn had a fantastic wedding this past February. I always love winter weddings because it's so crisp and clear out and it's really fun to snuggle your sweetie when it's cold out. I love the tulip bouquet that Laura had, its so bright and fresh. These two had so much fun and just enjoyed the day together. We started off downtown Hamilton - one of our favourite places to take photos as it is so inspiring. And then we were off to the fabulous Ancaster Mill, a place that never fails to put out their very best. 

Laura & Shawn were up for anything that Mike suggested, so they were lucky enough to get some of the most creative shots he's ever done.  I cannot get over how cool the birds eye pictures are of them in the city, it's almost like a Where's Waldo for the bride and groom. 

Check out some of my very favourites from the day and don't forget to follow me on instagram @kate_zekarphoto! 

groom getting ready groom in mirror groom in picture frame

bouquet of tulips bride getting ready hands doing up dress bride looking out window bride seeing groom bride and groom chatting man walking in front of camera bride and groom on busy street

black and white city bride and groom in parking lot

bride and groom in elevator bride and flower girl groom watching bride bride crying excited bride bride and groom first kiss bride laughing with girlfriends bride and groom under bridge bride and groom under bridge first dance happy bride reflection night time photography

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Jessica & Steve - Candlelit Wedding at The Cotton Factory, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/4/jessica-steve---candlelit-wedding-at-the-cotton-factory-hamilton-ontario How many ways do I love Jessica & Steve's wedding? Let us count them.

I love the fabulous originality - from Jessica & Steve's fantastic sense of style, to how they incorporated the things that they love so flawlessly into their celebration. Since these two locked eyes for the first time in a cute little bookstore (props to James Street Bookseller & Gallery!) it was only natural that not only would they have their 'First Look' amongst the tomes, but that there would be baskets of books for their guests to choose to take home with them at the end of the night. And can we talk about the pink Cadillac? 

I love how adorable their little guy is - how he looks up at his mama with love-eyes as she says I Do to her very best friend in the whole world. This little family is super fun together, check out their engagement session for evidence. 

I love how they stopped by their fave pub The Pheasant Plucker for a pint and a laugh with their pals before saying their vows. 

I love the incredible candlelit ambience that was created in our fabulous studio at The Cotton Factory . It is definitely one of the very coolest places to get married in Hamilton, by far.

But most of all, I love how much freakin' fun these two have with eachother - some of my favourite pictures are of the two of them just laughing their heads off. These guys are the real deal. Check out some of my faves from the day!  groom blur

groom looking upside down boutiniere Cadillac  cuff links

black and white father son father son in car pink cadillac

laughing bride swooning bride mom seeing son doing up wedding dress laughing bride cute bride couple  meeting in bookstore first look groom seeing bride for first time bride and groom first kiss

bride and groom laughing in books bride and groom in books bride and groom crying dark photo bride family reading books together crowd at pub hugging photo night ceremony candle lit warehouse love young boy with branch baskets of books bride touching up makeup groom watching bride wedding ceremony at night bride crying at ceremony groom crying at ceremony

bridal party dad putting necklace on son son looking up at mom bride and groom first kiss dancing kids dj booth couple watching slideshow

prism photography bride and groom laughing at first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance kids under table bride and friend dancing

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Jen, Nick & Sweet Baby M - Photojournalistic Family Shoot, Hamilton, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/3/jen-nick-sweet-baby-m---photojournalistic-family-shoot-hamilton-ontario Guys. Can we just talk about how cute this little family is? Wait, we don't have to talk about it - just look at these pictures. The way little baby M sleeps with his bottom lip tucked under. The way that Jen & Nick look at each other. The way that there are literally hearts pouring out of their eyeballs for their sweet baby boy. Man, we just love capturing brand new families like this! 

mom with baby

close up of baby with finger baby peeking over shoulder new parents looking at baby man woman baby baby feet on daddy parents feeding baby daddy snuggling son husband and wife gazing at eachother mom nuzzling son sweet baby face parents feeding child parents on bed with baby parents snuggling baby on bed smiling newborn

mike@zekarphoto.com (Zekar Photography, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalist.) Day in the life family photography family storytelling newborn shoot http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/3/jen-nick-sweet-baby-m---photojournalistic-family-shoot-hamilton-ontario Fri, 11 Mar 2016 01:14:56 GMT
Leora & Shaul - Rustic Jewish Wedding at Earth To Table Farm, Flamborough, Ontario http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/2/leora-shaul---rustic-jewish-wedding-at-earth-to-table-farm-flamborough-ontario Leora & Shaul's  gorgeous Earth To Table wedding was about as relaxed and low key as we have ever done. There were no getting ready photos, no first look, very relaxed bridal portraits - this day was all about the two of them together and the celebration of beginning of the next stage of their lives. It was perfect.

The whole day was filled with so much love and so much laughter, it was a lot of fun to shoot. Each and every guest was there to entertain Leora & Shaul and to make sure they were having a fantastic time, and boy do these two have some super talented and hilarious friends.  Every single shot has someone who is touching, laughing or loving one another.

When Leora & Shaul first approached us to be their photographers, Leora admitted she had been talked into getting a photographer by her mom. A lot of low-key brides are nervous about adding another vendor to their list, but Mike's photojournalistic storytelling style was a perfect fit and we're so happy that Leora & Shaul are as in love with their photos as we are. I think my favourite shots are the ones where everyone is dancing the hora, you guys have to check them out below! 

groom getting ready

guests talking earth to table

two people by barn

a couple laughing by barn walking in a field

black and white in field two people walking down the lane

yamaka getting flowers in hair

men reading ketubah groom putting bride veil on groom putting veil on bride walking with mom bride and groom walking up aisle bride and groom chuppah exchange of rings dad hugging daughter family hug bride and groom under chuppah breaking glass ceremony first kiss bride and groom walking down aisle bride and groom walking down aisle live band fiddlers bride showing off rings dancing in circle crowd dancing holding hands groom on chair hora dance crowd watching hora

mom on hora girls dancing around bride men crowd surfing challah bride and groom holding hands guests laughing

guest singing guests laughing skit bride and groom hugging

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Alex & Charlie - Truly Elegant Wedding at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton http://www.zekarphotography.com/blog/2016/2/alex-charlie---truly-elegant-wedding-at-the-art-gallery-of-hamilton-hamilton Alex and Charlie got married on a beautiful day in October, Halloween to be exact. Mike arrived at The Hamilton Club to take a few shots of Charlie and his friends having a drink and relaxing before the ceremony. But before we go any further, I just have to say that I seriously had trouble choosing which pictures I was going to use for this blog. After awhile I just gave up and posted just about all of their portrait sessions, so just be warned, its a long one but I know you're really going to enjoy it. 

Charlie made such a dashing groom and Alex made such an unbelievably graceful bride, I'm just in love with the way these two photograph. I really feel like these two could be in a magazine.  Both Alex and Charlie are fairly quiet and reserved, they have the quiet kind of love that comes alive when they are close to one another. Both of their families were so overjoyed for these two and you can really see how much they are surrounded by so much love. 

The wedding ceremony took place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, one place that both Mike and myself just love to go to on a date. The AGH made for the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, simple and understated but with undeniable elegance. The reception took place at one our favourite venues, Liuna Station which has its own essence of luxury.  The pictures at the very end of the night were taking under an industrial bridge near Liuna and I just love the contrast between the romance of Alex & Charlie and the stark, functional brickwork.

Take a look at my very favourite images from the day. Enjoy! 

groom drinking beer

groom laughing with friends groom on red couch groom looking out window groom in empty room rings on rainbow friends practicing speeches

Love the subtle skull detail on Alex's purse - perfect for a Halloween wedding!  skull clasp purse bride huggin

mom doing up bridal gown mom hands with scissors bride with family

bride up close

bridal gown

bride looking out window bride getting necklace on bride crossing busy street bride and mom walking up stairs bride in hallway bride seeing dad guitar

groom walking mom groom watching bride down aisle bride walking down aisle with parents ceremony at art gallery bride and groom at altar groom smiling at bride mom smiling at groom white rose bouquet groom reading vows

bride and groom exchanging rings laughing at altar bride and groom holding hands first kiss close up first kiss bride and groom married bride and groom hugging parents bride kissing groom bride and groom near marble wall bride and groom kissing near chairs bride and groom standing in white room bride and groom laughing in white room bride and groom portrait

guests and wedding bridesmaids giving speech bride cheersing friends

She didn't realize the mic was still on...:)  didnt realize the mic was on mic was on little batman

batman busting a move

bride dancing with father black and white photo of bride and groom dancing bride and groom dancing

father smoking cigar bride and groom portrait under bridge bride about to kiss groom bride and groom in alleyway

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