Weddings by Zekar Photography

We love capturing your wedding in an as-it-happens kind of way. This is sometimes called photojournalistic wedding photography, but we prefer to call it ninja-style photography. It's not uncommon for Mike to be found perched precariously in a tree above an unsuspecting bridal party or silently somersaulting behind the last pew in the church- anything to perfectly capture the emotions of the moment. Of course, we will do posed shots upon request, but our goal is to get all those special little moments that make up your unique wedding story.

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Wedding Packages and Pricing

We have two lead photographers at Zekar, Mike our lead photographer and Kamila our Associate Photographer. Both of our photographers have separate price points that allow us to tailor your wedding package to your specific needs.  Mike's typical 2017 package lands between $2800.00-$3400.00 for wedding day coverage and Kamila's typical package $2500.00-$3000.00.  We understand that every wedding is unique and has a specific budget so we have an a la carte system that allow couples to build to their needs rather than set packages that confine your options, as well as Jordan Browne, our newest Associate Photographer who is offering introductory pricing for 2018. 

We also provide fine art prints and albums that can be added to the package you build. We have a number of options to offer, so for more information contact us and we would love to set up a time to go over details with you on how we are structured! Hiring the right wedding photographer is investment, so we have written an article here that will help break down what wedding photography is all about and what exactly you can expect.

No matter if you are hiring Kamila Kuzmicka or Mike Tigchelaar or Jordan Browne, your coverage always includes the following:

  • All fully-edited wedding photographs on a USB key

  • Complimentary Engagement Shoot

  • Photographers Assistant 

  • Private viewing gallery to share with your friends and family for 90 days

  • Wedding timeline planning and Art Consultations 

Interested in finding out more information? Give us a shout, we'd love to chat!

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