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About us


Zekar was first launched in 2010 by Mike and Kate Tigchelaar, with a long term goal to create a collective of photographers who excel in a wide variety of photographic disciplines.  Since 2010, we have since welcomed Kamila Kuzmicka, our Senior Associate Photographer and Jordan Browne our Junior Associate Photographer. Recently, we have been pleased to offer our Junior Videographer, Sadie Martin.


We started out in event photography, weddings, corporate events and family shoots. From there we have evolved to provide professional portraits, headshots, and personal branding. Our studio is located in The Cotton Factory at 40 Biggar Ave in Hamilton, Ontario. Our space is designed to be a relaxing environment for our clients, coffee and couches! A place where you can kick back and enjoy a creative environment. From consultations for wedding photography to portraits and headshots, we have a full service photography studio. If you'd like to set up a meeting with us, just give us a call at 905-746-5858 or send us an email. Our studio is open by appointment only. 


Our Wedding and Family Photography philosophy


What is it that sets us apart? A number of factors com into play to answer that. First and most importantly, it's our drive as a team to make one another better. We are always pushing each other to grow and become better. A rising tide lifts all ships!


Our goal in every job is to outdo ourselves. With wedding and families it always boils down to perfecting our craft in visual storytelling. Wedding and family photography is not just knowing how to use advanced gear, it's knowing how to take the personal intimate moments that make each day special and compress those things into fractions of a second. Taking grand ideas, complex emotions, subtle insites and making an image that will hold them all perfectly. This desire is a common thread throughout each step our client goes through, from the first meeting right through editing.


Our Studio Work


Much like creating emotional shots and candid moments, we apply the same passion to our in-studio work. Often those who are having portrait work done feel intimidated an overwhelmed by the process. Let's face it, you're trying to get the best picture of yourself you can, not just an "okay" one. Well, the environment our studio offers and personality of our photographers help with that goal immensely.


We take our time to do it right, professional headshots and portraits are not just about good lighting. They are about feeling confident and relaxed. Just the way you want your clients to feel when you present yourself to them, well that's what we will capture for you. Your photo is often the first impression that a potential client sees, so we aim to help you put your best face forward.