About Zekar Photography

Zekar was first launched in 2010 by Mike and Kate Tigchelaar. Our goal was and is always to provide a wedding photographer that can tell the story of a wedding day, not just get great poses but images that hold memories!


Our Wedding and Family Photography philosophy


What is it that sets us apart? A number of factors come into play to answer that. First and most importantly, it's our drive as a team to make one another better. We are always pushing each other to grow and become better. A rising tide lifts all ships!


Our goal in every job is to outdo ourselves. With wedding and families it always boils down to perfecting our craft in visual storytelling. Wedding and family photography is not just knowing how to use advanced gear, it's knowing how to take the personal intimate moments that make each day special and compress those things into fractions of a second. Taking grand ideas, complex emotions, subtle insights and making an image that will hold them all perfectly. This desire is a common thread throughout each step our client goes through, from the first meeting right through editing.