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Our Wedding Photographers

At Zekar we have three lead photographers to chose from. Each has their own portfolio link below, or you can see our main portfolio slideshow. Our photojournalistic style lends itself to preserving not only the small, beautifully intimate moments during your day, but it also allows the two of you to really relax and enjoy yourselves without having to worry about missing a single moment.

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Our approach to your wedding


We like to say that we are “prepared to be laid-back”. That means we take a well thought out, well prepared approach to planing each event that happens throughout your day. This approach enables us to relax and have fun with you while we capture the beauty of your story. Each member of our team is an expert at environmental lighting techniques and the result is always a stunningly unique photograph that truly makes your love story a work of art. From capturing candid moments, dimly lit churches, to night-time portraits we are able to perform in all situations.

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