Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations in Hamilton

Written by: Michael Tigchelaar, Ninja photographer!


We have compiled a list of some of the best wedding or engagement photography locations in Hamilton that you can go to with your wedding photographer. The city has so many diverse locations for you to choose from. From old buildings that date back as old as Canada itself, to edgy new architecture. Raw urban settings with graffiti, to parks with some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. If ever you want advice for what type of shoot you should do in this fine city, contact us anytime and we can help you decide. And keep checking back as our list will most certainly grow! 

James Street North 

James street north is as urban as you can get. Great for both wedding and engagement photography with lots of nooks to sneak into for creative pictures. Graffiti alleys, and even some green spaces. There are some older buildings that offer great backdrops. If you want a location that has lots of options in a short walk, James street is for you.

Have a look at a wedding we did on James


Albion Falls

A beautiful natural location, it’s a long hike but worth the backdrop! Better suited for engagement photographs as the walk can got long for a wedding day. Not only are the  falls beautiful, there is a few graffiti locations as well so you get both a natural and urban atmosphere in one spot. Be prepared to spend a few hours and know that the diversity of options is limited. It’s a great spot if you want what it specifically offers. Fall is the best time to visit.  

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Or this one with the Graffiti!


Van Wagners beach Hamilton

Great location for sunrises, ice cream and sandy beach snuggles. Wonderful for both engagement and wedding photography locations. It requires a little bit of walking and the diversity of options are limited to the beach feel, but that wont stop a creative photography session from happening! This location its a good idea to bring a blanket and if your staying for a dusk shoot, something to stay warm with or sit on to avoid sandy bums.

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And this one with a PUPPY!


Cotton Factory Hamilton

I would say this is one of the coolest locations thats up and coming in Hamilton. And it’s also the home of our studio. We have unique private access to both its indoor and outdoor photography locations. Built in 1900's one can only imagine what this spectacular building has to offer. However, with Zekar all you need to do is ask and we can show you! It's well suited for everything from your wedding ceremony, wedding photography locations, and engagement pictures.

Some couples choose to do their wedding portraits here

And some do their whole wedding!


Hendrie Valley

Part of the RBG but you only have to pay for parking :) It's a natural setting with board walks and the option to feed the birds. Its probably best for engagements sessions only. Near by however there are the gardens great for wedding photography (permit required). If you're a couple who likes to go for walks in nature and want to capture that for an engagement session this is a great spot! 

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