Shannon & Brandon - Winter Engagement Shoot, Hamilton

March 10, 2015  •  2 Comments

On the day of Shannon & Brandon's engagement shoot, it was snowing. Like, a lot. But nonetheless, they showed up at Cherry Hill Gate at the RBG to meet Mike and make their way into the woods. The results turned out so lovely, with the snow swirling around them and Shannon's fantastically bright red coat, I just love it. But the best part was that at this particular spot, the chickadees are extremely social and friendly and they were more than happy to indulge themselves in a mid-winter buffet on Shannon and Brandon's shoulders. The even better part about this? Shannon is a Ph.D student in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience who is currently studying chickadees. How completely perfect is that?! :) Here are some of my very favourites! 


snowy engagement shoot hamilton

couple kissing in the woods black and white snowy picture black and white picture snow couple walking in the snowy woods hand feeding birds chickadee on man's shoulder black and white picture couple kissing birds woods

I found this one hilarious. It looks like the bird on the left is going, "oh Brandon, it's beautiful! You shouldn't have!" (But Shannon informs me that they are in fact actually fighting over the seeds)

chickadee's fighting over seeds

close up of chickadee and engagement ring couple feeding three birds in woods snowy engagement shoot snowy engagement shoot

And for all you bird nerds out there (like us), here are some of Shannon and Brandon's audience. :) 

winter birds in ontario winter birds in ontario winter birds in ontario winter birds in ontario

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Thanks Shannon!! You rock!, I had a ton of fun with you guys. You were willing to get out into the snowy areas, that was awesome, and you made it easy to get great shots! Oh and I head that double chickadee call the other day in my yard hehe
Thank you so much for our amazing pictures, everyone who has seen them were incredibly impressed, you have an amazing talent!
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