Why we LOVE doing small, intimate weddings!

June 22, 2020  •  67 Comments

If there is one thing that is trending in 2020, it's definitely small, intimate weddings. Many of our clients this year have had to scale down their celebrations in lieu of the whole pandemic thing that's going on. But that doesn't mean that they are any less special than the big celebrations, and truth be told, the smaller ones always turn out to be some of our favourites of the year.  Here are some of the reasons why we love small, intimate weddings and if you're considering scaling down your celebration, you'll definitely want to check this post out. 


1. Interesting Venues

Some of our favourite small wedding venues in the Hamilton area include some cool restaurants in Hamilton's booming restaurant scene. Kendall & Greg had a fun, relaxed wedding at The Diplomat. You can't beat the cool vibe of this restaurant and all of the interesting urban and nooks and crannies to take photos in. 

wedding outside the diplomat hamilton ontario


There's also The Art Gallery of Hamilton. They have a pretty  little ceremony spot on the rooftop and their indoor ceremony space has the most beautiful natural light. Even though the hall can accommodate some larger weddings, it's also perfect for a sophisticated cocktail party style wedding.

Hamilton Art Gallery Wedding by Zekar Photography Hamilton Art Gallery Wedding by Zekar Photography  

Hamilton Art Gallery Wedding by Zekar Photography Hamilton Art Gallery Wedding by Zekar Photography


You'll also want to check out The Spice Factory, especially if you're into the rustic, factory-chic vibe. You can get ready in their bridal suite, plus they have a cool fire table outside for late night drinks. 

spice factory wedding

spice factory wedding hamilton ontario spice factory wedding hamilton ontario

Don't forget Aberdeen Tavern, Radius Dining & Lounge and Shawn & Ed's Brewery in Dundas. If you've got a smaller guest list, you can really get creative with your venue spots, plus the food is going to be more than just your standard chicken or beef. 


2. Smaller Guest List means only your VIP's

Have you ever been to a wedding where you can really tell that the couple doesn't even know 1/3 of their own guest list? These weddings are fun, don't get us wrong, but it's so much more of a meaningful celebration when you only have your very most important people around you. Weddings should be less about the show and performance of an event and more about a celebration of love and intimacy and forever promises to eachother. When Mike is working a wedding where everyone knows eachother, there are so many hugs and kisses and special moments between the guests that it makes his candid style of photography an absolute dream. Since you get all of your photos digitally, you can share your online album with your dad's bosses housekeeper (if you wish) and keep the real life stuff to the ones that love you the most. 

candid wedding zekar photography

award winning wedding photography zekar photography happy bride zekar photography inc


3. Relaxed vibe 

It is scientifically proven that time goes by way quicker on your wedding day than any other day of your life. :) Especially because its so busy, with all the prep and the hustle and bustle. They are always a ton of fun, but they can be socially exhausting, especially for us introverts. Rather than having a big long receiving line and a ton of speeches, small weddings tend to be a lot more relaxed. There are more barefeet on the dance floor, more outside hangouts on the venue steps, more fun drunken conversations with your best friends. And while you're having fun, Mike's out there capturing the whole thing for you to relive in your wedding album again and again.

fun wedding

big mac groom zekar photography

  small wedding dancing

Hopefully these three reasons are enough to encourage all of you who are seeking to have a small wedding and aren't sure how it's going to turn out. It's going to be awesome, I promise. Especially if you get Mike and the team at Zekar Photography to capture it - but I'm a little biased. 

Here are some more examples of intimate weddings we have photographed, these are definitely worth checking out:

Amanda & Steve's wedding at Stratus Vineyards in Niagara-On-The-Lake. 

Gillian & Alan's wedding at Jonathan's Restaurant in Oakville, Ontario. 

Davina & Jonathan's unique wedding at Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario. 

If you're interested in chatting more about how we can make your day special, give me (Kate) a shout. We are currently offering special discounted rates for clients who book between August 2020 and October 2020, and we always have special rates for small and off season events. 


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