Professional Biography For Kate Tigchelaar

Kate Tigchelaar graduated from Sheridan College’s Advertising & Marketing Communications program in 2004. She spent the next 12 years working for Metroland Media as a Print & Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Kate co-founded Zekar Photography with her husband, Mike Tigchelaar, in 2010.  Kate has now been the Studio Manager for Zekar Photography Inc for the past 5 years. The skills she learned during her career have allowed Kate to be an integral part of the Zekar Photography team. Kate's area of expertise includes client communications, social media management and team management. She is also the chief creative writer of Zekar Photography's blog. Kate has a real passion for helping her clients have an amazing experience with Zekar Photography.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys reading a good book, watching hockey and spending time with her family. 

Contact Info: [email protected]

Instagram: @zekar_photography_studio