Danielle & Dave - Lowville Park Wedding, September 2012

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It was a glorious early September morning when we arrived at the Waterfront Hotel, and Danielle and her girls were having a great time as they got ready for the day.

After slipping into her beautifully simple lace dress, one of her bridesmaids tied the worlds most perfect bow with her wedding sash

After finishing up with the girls, Mike and I headed on over to Lowville Park where the ceremony was to take place outside a little old schoolhouse. I have to say that Lowville is such a pretty spot to get married, it's low key and absolutely gorgeous.  I just love all the simple details that Danielle included, everything has a fresh, comfortable feel to it and it just reflected her and Dave's easy going and friendly personalities.

As Dave was finishing greeting his guests, their friend started up with the most beautiful steel drum music to accompany Danielle down the aisle.

It was so amazing to be a part of this warm, sunny day with such gorgeous music as Dave watched his lovely bride walk down the aisle. 

maarrieeed! :)

After the ceremony, we headed over to the large stream in the park. We were pretty sure that Danielle and Dave would be up for getting right in, so we were pumped when the whole wedding party joined in. 

Islands in the stream!
that is what we are...;)

Danielle surprised Dave with a sweet message for him on the bottom of her shoes : ) 

Then it was back to the schoolhouse for a couple more shots.

The reception was held at the Lakeview Banquet Hall, a beautiful spot with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario.  But before the couple started in on dinner, we had time to grab a few more shots. Danielle  & Dave have a lot of fun together, they are so perfectly matched in personality. I really love how Danielle was totally up for a  game of hoops, and I must say the bridal party gathered a small crowd of admirers. 
In order to get these shots, Mike decided it was time for another installment of Ninja Style Photography, you can read alllll about it here.

Dave is at least 6"5, so I'm pretty sure this was easier for him than it looks !


So cute! They did this a lot : ) 

Inside the hall, we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Carmen's.  But the most delicious part?

Home made hotsauce peeps. Now, I am not usually brave enough for hot food. But Mike is, so as soon as we got home that night he popped open the bottle, put a modest amount on his finger....and almost died. Seriously, it was so hot! I proceeded to taste an iota of this stuff and was all Looney-Toons-Steam-Exploding-Head after. Nicely done, Danielle and Dave.
Sweet 'n simple!

After a very lovely first dance (these two are just so in love, you guys)
Night was falling, and the wine was flowin' and a lot of carousing and rug cuttin' abounded. 

This guest was actually one of the best dancers I've seen :D

We thoroughly enjoyed the laid back atmosphere at the wedding of this gracious couple, and we know that they both have the commitment and love that is made to last. Congratulations you guys!


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