Andres & Silvi - Wedding at The Good Earth Winery, Beamsville

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It was a gorgeous summers day on the shores of Lake Ontario, the summer breeze was softly blowing off the lake and Silvi & Andres' families were all gathered at the delightful Cottage by the Lake in Lincoln. They had flown in from near and far come together for an intimate weekend of family and friends, to enjoy eachothers company and celebrate the wedding of their loved ones. It was such a casual and relaxed atmosphere, the Cottages are nestled such a ways off behind orchards and a rustic dirt road, that after being there for only 10 minutes, Mike and I had a hard time remembering that we weren't in cottage country. What was particularly nice was the couple had hired a chef to come and cook for the family that weekend, so it was a true vacation for everyone. Andres' & Silvi's nephews were getting their pre-wedding energy out on the trampolines, while other relatives were enjoying the relaxing sound of the waves in the comfort of the classic Canadian muskoka chairs. Andres and Silvi, however, were busy getting ready in their separate little cottages, gearing up for the day that they had waited so long for. 

Andres is a talented piano player and serenaded Silvi as she was upstairs putting the final touches on her hair and dress, with her lovely family around her. What I noticed about Silvi's family was how attentive they were to her, and how concerned they were for her happiness. It's no surprise though, since Silvi herself is a such a lovely woman. 





After Silvi finished getting her gorgeous, handmade lace wedding dress on, we walked over to meet Andres in the peach orchard, for the couples first look. This is always such an intimate, special moment of the day and we just love it. The first thing that Andres said to his beautiful bride was how truly lovely she looked and the both of them just relaxed and let the excitement of the day wash over them as the spent a few minutes alone together. 


Next, we headed over to The Good Earth Food & Wine Co. in Beamsville. This charming, rustic winery was absolutely perfect on a summers day. Having the whole place to themselves, Andres and Silvi's family were able to enjoy the festivities and not be distracted by any other weddings around them. 

Everyone gathered at the long table under the beautiful wood trellis, the stars were starting to come out as the sun was setting, and the staff brought out a truly delicious meal for everyone to enjoy. Andres had known Silvi was the one for most of his life, as they grew up in the same small Estonian-Canadian community. To have finally captured the heart of the one he loved was truly a blessing, and for both of them to share in the love and laughter that surrounded them that night, was a wonderful thing indeed. Mike and I learned a few things about the Estonian culture that day, but our favourites have to be the vodka based wedding traditions, which kind of deserve their own blog. My personal favourite is scaring the 'evil spirits' that 'lived under the table' away with offerings of vodka. Truly, there was a lot of glass clinking and vodka drinking and great times. 

The staff at The Good Earth were polite and professional, and our meals were garnished with fresh herbs from the gardens directly outside the kitchen. It is beautiful to know that what we were enjoying truly was from the Good Earth! 

A delicious packet of wild canadian trout and fresh herbs - so amazing!


After dinner, the festivities continued with a rousing waltz by the bride and groom, and then literally every single guest was on the dance floor. I just love how Andres mother lets loose, so much fun!



It was a pleasure to be a part of Silvi & Andres day, it was one of those experiences that reminds us what a blessing it is to be doing what we do!


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