Richard & Maria - Van Wagners Beach Engagement Shoot, Hamilton

October 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, these two. Be still, my heart!

When Mike met up with Richard and Maria on this gorgeous early fall day, he had been stuck inside editing for days. It was and understatement to say that he was pretty pumped to be out in the fresh air, sunshine and hanging out with this couple who are so fabulously in love. Richard and Maria brought along their tiny pup, who was most definitely not a beach bum - to be fair, the waves were bigger than she was, so I don't really blame her.  It took just a few warm up shots for Richard & Maria to get comfortable in front of the camera, but as you can see, it took no time at all for them to forget all about Mike and concentrate on their love for each other. Maria is so full of grace and elegance, she moves like the prettiest ballerina. The way she carries herself reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn, with Richard being her Gregory Peck in all his handsome ways.  This photoshoot may truly be one of my favourites of the year so far, with the romance of it all - it's a beautiful life!


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