Lindsey & Matt - Ancaster Mill Springtime Wedding

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It was a pretty spring morning when we arrived at Lindsey’s house. With warm greetings from her lovely family, we captured all the things we love about the pre-wedding events, happy tears, love and laughter.
exciitttinnng!! :)
After arriving at the beautiful Ancaster Mill, it was time to get Matt in position to see his gorgeous bride for the first time – how cute are these two! 


When they look into eachothers eyes, it is so sweetly intense there really isn’t any doubt that these two are for keeps.

tee hee :)

Next up, the ceremony!

As Lindsey’s father walked her down the aisle, accompanied by a talented musical duo and with all their family and friends looking on, the most important one was there, waiting eagerly for his wife-to-be. The ceremony was made even sweeter by personally written vows, signifying their true commitment to the promises they were making in front of a crowd of loving witnesses.


By the way, Matt is not sucking Lindsey's braaainnzzz out here, he's giving her a super cute sweet kiss on the head. ;)

“Love is a mirror
It sees and reflects back….
It even has the ability to show you sides of yourself that you never knew existed….
And if love is true
Every side is your best side. “
-ZaMar Mbatha-
After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour and had a chance to relax and unwind after the anticipation of the day. Honestly, literally everyone was laughing and having a great time! Here are just a few of the shots we got, but we seriously love just hanging out and snapping shots of the good times a rollin'. ;) 

great staff at the ancaster mill!
These next few shots make a cute series. These dudes look like an old timey comedic duo, like their names are Hinks & Hughson or something like that. ;)

so I says to her, I says hey martha..!

And this awesome chick could be their sidekick :D

Super cute Grandma alert...!

people really dig the guestbooks we do - pretty awesome keepsake!
Guess who loves cars:)

As they walked into their reception to the Baywatch Theme song (too funny!) everyone was on their feet to formally welcome them into their new lives as Mr & Mrs.


Super speedy ninja lemon juggling!

“And when you kiss me, on that midnight street, sweep me off my feet, singin' ain’t this life so sweet.”

Lindsey and Matt have a wealth of awesome friends and family, and we were so happy to have been a part of their day. Congratulations you guys!


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