Korinn & Luke's June Wedding

June 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hey everyone!

A lot of our clients are out-of-province couples who come to the fine city of Hamilton to tie the knot. Korinn & Luke were a couple of cool cats from the prairies that we just loved hanging out with. It was a crazy sunny day, perfect for some great wedding shots on Van Wagners Beach! These two pretty much beamed at eachother the entire day, and honestly you guys, does Korinn have a million dollar smile or what?! Here are some of our favourite shots of the day, enjoy!



(the guys have it easy :)



A little before-the-ceremony bro-time. Or operatic aria time, take your pick. ;)

I included the next pic cause I love the guys suit. :D

perfect sunny flowers!

Finally being married is fun!

Off to the beach! 

I'm not really sure what was happening here, but it's funny. :D

The reception was held at Renaissance Banquet Hall, if you're a fan of dry ice, this place is for you :)

On a cloud....of love! 


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