Stefanie & Erik - Scottish Rite Wedding, Hamilton

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Stefanie & Erik were married on a beautiful summers day this past July. Both Stefanie and Erik come from rich cultural backgrounds - Stefanie being a Polish girl and Erik being a Swedish chap. They integrated the best parts of both of their heritages in a beautiful celebration, complete with a heck of a lot of vodka - guess who's culture that's from! 

The day started off with Stefanie getting ready, attended to by her beautiful bridesmaids. 

bride opening champagne cherries and champagne wedding dress hanging in window bridesmaid putting makeup on bridesmaids enjoying champagne

bride laughing bride blue shoes bride getting ready

bride getting ready bride walking down hallway black and white

Meanwhile, Erik was bartering for his brides hand in marriage with a bottle of Vodka - Stefanies brother, however, wouldn't budge in the negotiations unless the proper size and value of Vodka was brought to the table. Luckily for Erik, it all worked out in the end! 

vodka bartering polish groom bartering for bride groomsmen shaking hands bridal party watching negotiations brides mother hugging groom bride and groom seeing eachother for the first time

Next, it was time for a traditional Swedish ceremony of blessing.

bride being blessed bride and groom being blessed groom being blessed

Finally it was time to head off to the ceremony. Everything was going as planned, until...

polish roadblock wedding A roadblock!

bride and groom meeting army

Turns out, they were friendly. Stefanie & Erik were back on their way, and everything was going smoothly. Until...


Another roadblock! Turns out, this one was friendly too, especially with an offering guessed! 

groom and bride

Finally, after an intense bartering session and two serious roadblocks, Stefanie & Erik made it to the church on time! 

bride having veil put on

flower girl at church bride walking down aisle bride and groom listening to ceremony aerial view of congregation at wedding bride and groom at wedding ceremony bride and groom at wedding ceremony smiling bride and groom walking down aisle bride and groom kissing in aisle

Next we were off to the Scottish Rite. This next picture has a bit of story behind it for Mike, its really neat. So about 5 years ago when we were just starting Zekar Photography, we were stopped at the intersection kitty cornered to the Scottish Rite. The sun was shining and there were two little flower girls who were spinning around, with the sunlight enveloping them in golden rays and you could just feel the joy. Mike said that if he was the photographer, he'd have stopped whatever he was doing to capture that moment. Fast forward 5 years, and he got his chance! 

flower girls dancing in the sunlight bride dancing in the sunlight bride posing with flower girls under her veil

Finally it was time for real festivities to begin. Stefanie and Erik had a fantastic time with all of their loved ones surrounding them in happiness and joy! 

bride and groom at dinner table bride smiling black and white bride and groom first dance

little girls playing with clouds of dry ice bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance groomsmen fighting over garter toss groomsmen fighting over garter toss



Teresa Kucemba(non-registered)
Thank you Zekar Photography for so beautifully capturing an exciting day in our family. Looking forward to enjoying these pictures in the years to come.
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