Heather & Lawrence - Spencers At The Waterfront Wedding

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To say that Heather was excited about her wedding day would be an understatement. I just love talking with brides who are amped up to have a great time, and Heather sure was excited to celebrate the day she was marrying her best friend. When Mike arrived at the Waterfront Hotel in Burlington, Heather and her best friend were literally jumping with joy. You know a wedding is going to be fun when the day starts off like this:

bride and bridesmaid jumping on bed

bridesmaids jumping on bed

bridesmaids jumping on bed

Eventually though, it was time to get down to business.

bride and bridesmaid with bridal gown

I love the look of pure intensity here. 

bridesmaid concentrating on dress
bridesmaid doing up bridal dress

silhouette of bride in window

After much primping, and intense lacing-up, Heather was finally ready - and gorgeous!

bridal portrait

Her daddy agreed!

dad hugging daughter on wedding day

Over in the grooms suite, it was all jokes and smiles as Lawrence got ready for the day. 

groom laughing putting tie on groom laughing with brother black and white picture of groom in sunglasses

Finally, Lawrence was ready to meet his lovely lady at the altar over at Spencer's on the Waterfront in Burlington. 

altar at spencers at the waterfront green calla lillies

unity candle

From here on in, it's kind of hard not to have a constant smile on your face while looking at the joy on Lawrence & Heathers face as they say I do!

groom waiting for bride groom waiting for bride

groom looking at bride coming down aisle

bride walking down aisle with father

father giving away bride at altar

bride and groom at altar bride and groom laughing at altar

bride crying at altar

unity candle lighting

bride and groom kissing at the altar

happy couple at altar

happy married couple

bride and groom looking backwards

bride and groom portrait

A lot of the very best moments at a wedding happen when nobody expects it, and Mike is always ready for it when things like this happen - Chef photobomb!  chef photo bombing bridal portrait

bride waiting for groom

black and white photo of bride and groom black and white photo of bride and groom jumping

bride and groom first dance

All of Heather loves all of Lawrence. :) bride and groom first dance rings in letter o

And all of me? Loves all of this dinner. Nom Nom x 100. 

delicious prime rib Spencers at the Waterfront, Burlington

bride dancing with father

bride and groom cuddling

A little newly-wed smooch underneath an August blood moon!

bride and groom kissing under blood moon


kissing beside waterfall bride and groom wedding portrait bride and groom backlit under starry sky

No wedding is complete without a random parkour kid!  bride and groom parkour


black and white photo of spencers at the waterfront at night spencers at the waterfront at night






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