What to consider when hiring a Wedding Photographer: Series Part 1

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Hello! We first just want to thank you for checking out this first post in a series of posts that will be directed to helping you choose the wedding photographer that is right for you. We'll cover every aspect - from why the heck wedding photographers are so expensive, to what exactly a photographer does. We'll also touch on the questions that surround setting a budget for photography. We hope you enjoy the posts and come away feeling much more confident and educated about the world of wedding photography!

This first post will focus on what you need to consider when hiring a photographer when it comes to personality.

Without further ado, here's Mike! :) 

While You Search

Most people who are seeking after wedding professionals have never encountered the special things they do. Before my wedding, I can say I knew nothing of wedding cakes, outside of how to take a picture of them, so before we bought one Kate and I went down to look at and eat some samples before we decided. You wouldn’t buy a cake for your day unless you tried it first right? The fact that you’re here to read what wedding photography is about, is much the same - you can look at a photographers pictures and appreciate them, or not. Just like a cake. However, why you may or may not like those pictures goes deeper than just emotion, there is a reason why they appeal to you, and that is the overall goal of this blog.


Wedding photography is a very deep subject, I have written a lot and that's why I've broken it into a series so you can skip to the parts you're most curious about.


However before you decide what to skim over I would like to put the entire thing in perspective. Let’s say this first section “while you search” is a 20 minute read. I know, you can get food faster, but remember if the food is not done right you can take it back, you can’t take back wedding pictures and get new ones. Let’s say for an easy number you have $4000 dollars to spend on wedding photography. If this section does what it is intended, it will help you make the wisest choice for your investment. Someone who does not research a product runs the risk of not getting their monies worth, so we can say then that taking 20 minutes to read the first section is worth a potential $200 dollars a minute in value if it helps you make a sound investment and gives you amazing wedding photos.


That being said if you want to skip ahead here are the links :) 

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Okay, so first up - Personality! 

Your photographer is typically one of the first vendors you book when you are starting your wedding planning. Since sometimes they can be with you for a year or two, and even longer if you have them shoot your family as it grows later in life, they should be considered as a potential professional friend. I have been blessed to watch families grow from the first time I met a couple before their wedding, right through to their family turning from two to three and beyond and I call them friends now :) So a photographers character is the first thing you should consider, speak with them in person before you reserve your day. Are they excited for you? Do they have a passion for weddings? Are they interested in your day and all the unique specifics? Do they sound nervous, bored, or act like talking with you is just run of the mill? Ask yourself, could this person be a friend, or at least someone I will smile for? Next to your fiance and wedding party, the photographer will be beside you the most on your day, their presence should make you comfortable.


I can't tell you how many times I have talked to bridesmaids or others at weddings who said something like. "my photographer was so boring or depressing I wish I had been more thoughtful about who I picked!" A look into their character will give you insight into how they both work as an organized person and how they will fit into your plans. Are they a take charge type of person, are they laid back and observant, a combination of both, what do you need to help you? Some people simply want their day documented so a laid back yet very observant photographer may fit best. Or you may want them to conduct the pictures, promote a moment; a more take charge vocal photographer may fit you then. Ultimately if you feel comfortable with your photographer your pictures will be much better, so your comfort level should be paramount. So in short never higher a photographer unless you have met them, spoke with them on the phone or in the least gotten a reputable reference!



Next up, we're going to show you aspects that need to be considered when you're making an investment as important as this, as well as answer the next question, "why wedding photographers are so expensive".


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