Caitlin & Jayce - Waterballoon Fight Engagement Session

September 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Every now and then we meet a couple who just want to have tons of fun on their engagement session. We were so up for Caitlin & Jayce's waterballoon fight idea! The day turned out to be cold as all get out (because you know how cold those August days are here in Southern Ontario...) but they did not let that dampen their spirits and the results are hilarious. Get ready to see exactly what two people in love look like the millisecond they get smashed in the face with water balloons...


It started off innocently enough:

couple walking with cooler and blue black and white balloons

couple kissing behind balloons couple kissing under archway engagement shoot


Then, the weapons were drawn. 

water balloons

Then these things happened. :D 

girl getting hit by water balloon



girl getting hit by water balloon broken water balloon


guy getting hit by water balloon girl with water gun boy with water gun couple soaking wet kissing girl getting soaked with water balloon

Then this happened. I guess a natural progression in an epic water balloon fight is trying to see what it feels like to have one explode in your mouth :)

black and white water balloon exploding in face biting a water balloon biting a water balloon biting a water balloon


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