Elisa & Sheldon- Dyments Farm Wedding, Dundas, Ontario

October 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

When we did Elisa & Sheldon's engagement session last year, I just knew that given how amazing their photos were,  their wedding was going to take my breath away. I was right. The day started out in Brantford and their tiny hometown of Burgessville, Ontario as Elisa and Sheldon got ready for the day. Both Elisa and Sheldon have impeccable style, but you guys, can we just talk for a moment about Elisa's wedding gown? I mean, it's a work of art! She bought the dress at Sophie's  in London, Ontario but had the top part made by a local lady in Delhi. I just adore how unique and gorgeous it is!

After the intimate and sacred wedding ceremony, Mike and the bridal party went for a little walk through the gorgeous town of Dundas (my hometown!) and stopped at a few little places that meant a lot to Elisa and Sheldon. Then they headed up to Dyments Farm to celebrate the rest of the day. 

The whole day was a beautiful celebration of friends and family and I love how the couple added so many unique elements to the day, not to mention the fact that Sheldon is a firefighter so they had the big truck on hand for some cool photo ops.   Here are some of my favourites, get ready, cause they are gorgeous!!

groom putting socks on groom putting tie on groomsmen getting ready groom doing up tie black and white groom bridesmaids getting bride ready bridesmaids getting bride ready

bride smiling friends and bride getting ready friends and bride getting ready maid of honour doing dress up bridal portrait wedding firetruck

bride getting ready to go down aisle bride with father bride waiting to go down aisle with father groom kissing bride bride looking up at groom champagne opening groom spraying bridal party with champagne bride and groom kissing on street groom thumbs up bride and groom walking down street bride and groom kissing by fountain bride and groom kissing by fountain

firefighter and bride fire truck close up of wedding rings reception photo



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