Christine, Mike & Baby Hannah - Documentary Family Photography, Hamilton, Ontario

July 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We are always so excited when we get the chance to do a documentary family photoshoot. To get a peek into the little, intimate moments of the everyday is such a privilege. Especially this one because I went to primary school with Christine so it was really cool to re-connect so many years later. I just love this little family, how Mike and Christine and just pouring their love all over little Hannah. Isn't she just the sweetest thing? With her little blonde curls starting to spring forth and those clear blue eyes, she is certainly one sweet little angel! 

baby blue eys baby girl smiling at camera family sitting on couch dad snuggling with baby girl mom feeding baby mom reading book to baby girl black and white photo of mom and baby baby looking at camera while mom kisses cheek baby sticking tongue out baby checking out big red apple dad snuggling with baby girl family of three photo

Wasn't that the sweetest? :) If you're interested in finding out how Mike can capture your family's every day memories, contact us today


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