Alex & Charlie - Truly Elegant Wedding at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton

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Alex and Charlie got married on a beautiful day in October, Halloween to be exact. Mike arrived at The Hamilton Club to take a few shots of Charlie and his friends having a drink and relaxing before the ceremony. But before we go any further, I just have to say that I seriously had trouble choosing which pictures I was going to use for this blog. After awhile I just gave up and posted just about all of their portrait sessions, so just be warned, its a long one but I know you're really going to enjoy it. 

Charlie made such a dashing groom and Alex made such an unbelievably graceful bride, I'm just in love with the way these two photograph. I really feel like these two could be in a magazine.  Both Alex and Charlie are fairly quiet and reserved, they have the quiet kind of love that comes alive when they are close to one another. Both of their families were so overjoyed for these two and you can really see how much they are surrounded by so much love. 

The wedding ceremony took place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, one place that both Mike and myself just love to go to on a date. The AGH made for the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, simple and understated but with undeniable elegance. The reception took place at one our favourite venues, Liuna Station which has its own essence of luxury.  The pictures at the very end of the night were taking under an industrial bridge near Liuna and I just love the contrast between the romance of Alex & Charlie and the stark, functional brickwork.

Take a look at my very favourite images from the day. Enjoy! 

groom drinking beer

groom laughing with friends groom on red couch groom looking out window groom in empty room rings on rainbow friends practicing speeches

Love the subtle skull detail on Alex's purse - perfect for a Halloween wedding!  skull clasp purse bride huggin

mom doing up bridal gown mom hands with scissors bride with family

bride up close

bridal gown

bride looking out window bride getting necklace on bride crossing busy street bride and mom walking up stairs bride in hallway bride seeing dad guitar

groom walking mom groom watching bride down aisle bride walking down aisle with parents ceremony at art gallery bride and groom at altar groom smiling at bride mom smiling at groom white rose bouquet groom reading vows

bride and groom exchanging rings laughing at altar bride and groom holding hands first kiss close up first kiss bride and groom married bride and groom hugging parents bride kissing groom bride and groom near marble wall bride and groom kissing near chairs bride and groom standing in white room bride and groom laughing in white room bride and groom portrait

guests and wedding bridesmaids giving speech bride cheersing friends

She didn't realize the mic was still on...:)  didnt realize the mic was on mic was on little batman

batman busting a move

bride dancing with father black and white photo of bride and groom dancing bride and groom dancing

father smoking cigar bride and groom portrait under bridge bride about to kiss groom bride and groom in alleyway

Did you just love this wedding? I don't know if you can tell, but I sure did! If you're interested in seeing how Mike can capture the elegance of your wedding day, contact us today! 


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