Surprise Marriage Proposal, Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario

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A couple of weeks ago we got a call from a very excited and nervous guy who was planning to propose to his girlfriend. Ben & Jen had planned to come to Hamilton from Kingston to go concert on the weekend but decided to come a day earlier to check out some of the waterfalls in our beautiful hometown. 

Ben called Mike to see if he would be willing to document the surprise and of course Mike was super excited and helped Ben set out the perfect plan.  See fig a. and fig. b for evidence of the perfect plan. 


Fig. A


Fig. B

On the day of the proposal it was absolutely gorgeous down at Albion Falls. When Mike and Kamila got there to set up, they found that there were about 30 people down at the falls enjoying the day. Since Ben and Jenn hadn't arrived, he and Kamila went around to each person to tell them what was going to be happening and if they could just subtly move off to the side so he could catch the moments. Everyone was very excited and some of the people who were about to leave decided to stay and watch. When Ben and Jenn arrived, and Ben saw Mike giving him the special signal, it was all up to Ben after that...

man and woman on rocks taking pictures of waterfall people looking at rocks

And it was perfect.

man proposing man proposal marriage proposal man putting ring on womans finger couple kissing by falls

After Jenn recovered from the happy shock of not only being proposed to but having 30 strangers clapping and cheering - along with a crowd that was gathering on the edges above- she was so happy and so excited. She was extra surprised when she realized Mike & Kamila had been secretly taking pictures the whole time. Ben had even asked her dad beforehand, which I just love

happy couple happy woman

couple kissing smiling engaged couple

What a beautiful way to start the next stage of their lives together! 



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