Marina & Steve- Wedding Hamilton, Ontario

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After a serendipitous meeting at her mother’s hair salon, Steve and Marina were well on their way to creating a beautiful life together, with a beautiful August wedding to kick the whole thing off. It was kind of rainy that day, but as with most weddings we do, the rain has a way of either washing everything clean for us, or staying out of the way for the really important parts.  After hanging out with the groomsmen for a few minutes, we headed on over to Marina’s house, full of hustle and bustle and all around gorgeousness. 




Marina looked every bit the princess bride in her fabulous, multilayered gown – simple, yet so feminine and pretty.


One of my favourite parts is the awesome belt that perfectly customizes the gown to match Marina’s style , yet still remains elegant and not over the top.


And check out these sexy hot pink shoes…!


Finally it was time for a beautiful ceremony at the Holy Cross Croatian Roman Catholic Church.


After the ceremony, we headed over to the Royal Botanical Gardens for some formals.  

A little behind the scenes on this next picture, as Marina was getting her fine self situated on the bench, Steve was standing beside me, with this look of just pure love and adoration for his bride. He just shook his head as he gazed at her, and said (or rather, sighed) “isn’t she just beautiful?” It was so darn sweet and he walked over and gave her a very prince charming kiss, and I swear  the birds just started a-singin’. 


 Before  we headed to Pier 4 Bayfront Park for a few more pics, a little break for a smooch in the elevator ;)


Now it was time to head over the the Croatian National Home, for some delicious food and some nerve-wracking excellent speeches.
Notice the gleam of mischief in Steve's eye? :)


What a fun idea for bonbonierre’s, don’t you guys think? Honestly, after the wedding, I ate so many gumballs, I couldn’t  open my mouth properly for a couple days my jaw was so stiff, tee hee. : )

To top the beautiful day off, Steve and Marina danced like professionals…
 ....and then everyone else followed suit! Patryk from Liquid DJ Services was great, he got everyone involved and everyone was bustin' a move.

These two are so in love, it was so fun to hang out with them for the whole day.  It’s stuff like this that makes life so good!



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