Shout out to the Sash! (the wedding sash that is!)

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Hey guys!

Since posting the blog on Marina and Steve's wedding yesterday, I've been on a little mission to find the coolest and most unique wedding belts I could find. But first things first - apparently they are not called wedding belts, they are called wedding sashes. Excuse-moi! But I do agree that wedding sash is a much more fashionable term, so I stand corrected.

So what does one do when they want to find creative, unique wedding accessories? They go to of course!

Within the first 20 seconds of my search, I was already squealing - I came across this shop, Rosy Posy Designs. Not only are these all handmade, but they have such a unique flavour to them - kind of boho, kind of earthy girl, very romantic. You could put this on any lace dress and have it work perfectly, or for you summer-time beach casual brides, white eyelet cotton or linen. A few of my favourites:


Something blue!

You could even incorporate the guys' corsage colours with the colours in the sash, and your bridsemaids too!

This last one is a great compromise for those of you who dont want to go all out there with the colour, but want to have something unique and feminine.

And wait, I totally just thought of something - after your wedding day is over, you can still have these brooches / sashes afterwards, as a keepsake that is not tucked away in a box in the basement. Yay!

I came across these two that I really liked, mostly because I'm still obsessed with gray bridesmaids dresses, and I've seen these colour combinations before and it just works so well in photographs. The following two pictures are from Brown Eyed Girls Boutique.

Loved this one for the very boho look, from Lukamoda.

For a little more of a refined look, elegant and clean but still unique, I stumbled across this shop called Elite Women. I love the placement of the interesting feathers on these ones, and was surprised at how low the price was.



 Another great thing about handmade wedding sashes, is you can save a lot of money with buying a simple dress, and enhance it for under 200$.

There are tons of options out there though, you can really bling it up:

From Ingenue B
From Star Trim


So there you have it :) Most bridal shops these days have a small assortment of bridal sashes, but I always recommend checking out craftspeople first. Have any of you guys seen some awesome wedding sashes? Feel free to share in the comment box below!


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