Jenn & Bob - Peninsula Ridge Estates Wedding in Niagara on The Lake

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When Mike and I met Jenn & Bob (and their cute little son Calvin) we immediately loved them. These two have such a warmth and happiness about them, you can really tell they have a lot of fun together and were very excited about their wedding day. The amount of thought and detail that Jenn put into her day was amazing, as you'll see in the following pictures. They even had a chinese lantern and sparkler celebration!  And leading up to the day, we had a number of very cool conversations over email, she's just one of those people that is so easy to connect with. It's a no brainer why Bob is just ga-ga over her! 

When Mike arrived at Peninsula Ridge Estates, Jenn and her girls were busy slipping into their gowns and putting the finishing touches on. Jenn wore the perfect wedding dress, mermaid style and fit exactly to her petite figure. With her gently flowing hair and fresh makeup, she was the epitome of a beautiful bride. I just adore her choice in bridesmaids dresses, the black and white floral made such a statement - but not so much that it outshone the bride. A lot of people stay away from the long dresses, especially in the summer, but these were so fresh and stylish, it totally worked. 

bride getting ready behind door

bridesmaid holding up dress

Champagne - a wedding morning essential! :)


bridesmaids getting bride ready bride getting ready


Ok so I gotta take a minute to tell you about Jenn's fabulous veil. When she first told me about it, I was amazed at the patience this girl must have to do such a thing. Then when I saw the final product, I was blown away. Seriously you guys, have you ever seen such a clever and unique idea? I have not! It's really the cutest detail I've ever seen. hand stitched bridal veil

Next, I gotta take a moment to talk about the shoes. We've been seeing a lot of brides making some serious statements with their bridal shoes, but Jenn took hers to a whole new level. She and Bob have a great love for superheros and comics, and they came up with the fabulous idea of incorporating both things into Jenn's shoes. She decoupaged scenes from where Batman gets married to Catwoman (well, in Catwoman's dreams actually) and made the coolest shoes! You could do so much with this idea, say a specific book or poem meant a lot to the both of you, you could decoupage the pages onto your shoes. Or what about the sheet music to your favourite song? Such a great idea! 


comic book covered wedding shoes comic book covered wedding shoes

Keeping up with the superhero wedding theme, the guys sported their favourite characters on their cufflinks. Another cool, subtle way of putting your personality into your wedding!

super hero cufflinks groomsmen

And yep, that is a batman style wedding ring :D 

batman wedding ring

Okay, so next was the ceremony, held in a tent outside the winery. The couples family and friends looked on as these two love birds made it official, with much smiling and much tears and much love. 

ring boy getting flower pinned on guests at wedding bride and groom at altar bride smiling at altar bride and groom kissing at altar


After the wedding ceremony, it was time for some semi formal formal pictures. Oh and a mini meltdown from an overexcited little ring bearer- it's kind of a lot of work! :)

ring bearer meltdown bride and groom and son

bridal portrait through screen door

Since Jenn & Bob's wedding happened during a weekday, the winery part was actually closed because they were...making wine. ;) But when Mike wants to get a certain shot, he's pretty determined and after laying on the charm to a couple different people, they finally let them go in to get a few shots. It was a little dark, a little wet, a a lot worth it!

bride and groom near wine vats bride and groom kissing near wine vats

bride and groom kissing winery bride and groom kissing winery

Jenn & Bob decided to share a special moment with each other in the vineyard, and Mike was only too happy to capture the intimacy of these two reading their personal vows together. Surrounded by the rolling hills in Niagara, the sun beamed down as these two beamed at each other ( Beamsville, I'm not even kidding). They professed their love to each other in a private moment, where they could be themselves and just enjoy each other. I love that these two recognized that they needed this sweet time alone together, to just breathe and finally be married. 

bride and groom in vineyard together bride in vineyard bride and groom kissing in vineyard bride and groom kissing in vineyard

Next it was time for dinner. Before I go into how delicious the food was (and it really was), I gotta tell you about the pic below. It's one of the many topiaries that Jenn made, each flower, by hand. A lot of folding and a lot of glue gunning, but doesn't it look cool? 


hand made paper flower topiaries

See the burlap rosettes on the table? Totally hand made. This girl rocked the DIY! 

head table

chicken and bacon wrapped asparagus steak and bacon wrapped asparagus bride and groom first dance

Jenn is not originally from Ontario, so she was happy to receive well wishes from her family and friends back home :)

bride on cell phone


groom and mom dance cutting the cake

You know what five year olds do when the get cake on their pants? They lick it right off. No big deal. :)

boy eating cake off pants wedding photo

After dinner, we did a few more bridal party photos, and then came the really fun part...the chinese or 'wish' lantern celebration! 

beautiful bridal party photo black and white bridal party photo happy bride chinese lanterns lighting chinese lanterns bride and groom heart chinese lanterns bride and groom watching heart lantern float away bride with chinese lantern bride and groom with chinese lanterns


And for the final hurrah, a sparkler party, with all their loved ones lighting their way. We wish Jenn & Bob and Calvin much love and success in their new life together!!  bridal party with sparklers at night


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