Lindsay & Sean - Ancaster Mill Wedding, Hamilton

September 14, 2013  •  4 Comments

On a bright, sunny September day, the friends and family of Lindsay and Sean all gathered at the Ancaster Mill in Hamilton for a fun and casual celebration of one couple who is seriously in love :) 

When Mike arrived at the bridal suite, he walked into a cloud of giggles and hair spray as the girls got Lindsay dressed and prettied up for her handsome groom. 

bride looking out the window bride with hairspray bridesmaid wedding rings bride hugging her mom

   It's always nice to know we've got a back up camera, just in case. Tee hee :)  bride getting ready


bride getting ready bride getting ready mom putting necklace on bride groom waiting for bride bride walking down aisle

Don't you just love the way that Lindsay looks up at her husband? I'm pretty sure if we looked close enough her pupils would be heart shaped. For more examples of Lindsay and Seans heart shaped pupils, check out their fabulous engagement shoot at Brickworks in Toronto! So cute! 

bride looking at husband groom looking at bride

After the beautiful ceremony, it was time to get a few shots of the couple together - married, at last!

bride and groom walking up stairs

I'm not sure how Mike convinced these two to get up there, but it was worth it! I guess some of his Ninja Style Photography is wearing off on them : ) The one thing about being a Hamilton wedding photographer is that you get to find all sorts of creative spaces in places that we get to go to a lot, and this is one of them! 

bride and groom in old doorway

Next the three of them tucked underneath the bride at the Mill, lucky for us Lindsay wasn't shy about climbing over the rocks in her beautiful gown!

black and white photo of bride and groom kissing

beautiful sunlight beam on bride and groom


This is one of our favourites :)

beautiful sunlight beam on bride

Mike gets so excited when moments like this appear, really its part of the magic of the wedding day when you can capture the emotion of the day reflected in the weather like this.


After a lovely meal and some hilarious and emotional speeches, Sean called Lindsay outside for  one more picture - he had a surprise for her : )

black and white reception pictures bride tears at speeches He's actually Super man. Surprise! :D  groom super man t-shirt groom super man t shirt


Congratulations to both Sean & Lindsay, we wish them the very best!! :) 



Kate & Mike(non-registered)
Thanks guys! We definitely had fun :D
Suzanne Tate(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures!
Thanks Mike for taking some amazing shots! You really captured the day :)
Lindsay and Sean(non-registered)
So awesome! This is truly is amazing!
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