Keirsten & Kyle - Macedonian Wedding, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton

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When we had our first consultation with Keirsten & Kyle, we were happy to also meet Keirsten's parents at the same time. When a bride and groom have so much support from their parents, we know that the wedding is going to be one, big, beautiful celebration full of family and friends. Keirsten & Kyle definitely have a wonderful family, and an even more amazing group of friends. I just love how close these two are to everyone around them, and its no wonder, because this sweet couple is so easy to love.

Our engagement shoot with them was probably one of the single hottest days of the summer, we were smothered with the heat and it was at 9am - but Keirsten and Kyle had so much fun with each other, plus we had a little surprise visit from a sweet horse named Joe. 

couple with horse


The weather on their wedding day in October? Windy and kinda rainy. But that didn't stop Keirsten and Kyle from have a simply fabulous wedding! 

The first stop was to where the guys were getting ready. When guys get ready, they pretty much do it in about 5 minutes and spend the rest of the time drinking. It's a rite of passage for the guys to make sure they are extra super relaxed :)

man drinking from flask groomsmen toasting groomsmen laughing

At the girls house however, the rooms were a-bustle with joyful pandemonium, glitz, glamour and a heady mix of hairspray and laughter. Now I've seen a lot of girls get ready on their wedding day and most of them usually have a makeup artist helping them with their makeup. But Keirsten and her girls? These girls were professionals themselves. Seriously, I have never seen so many women know exactly how to put on their makeup like this and look so absolutely stunning! 

bridal party getting ready

bridesmaid putting on makeup bride putting on hairspray

Keirsten chose a mermaid-style wedding dress that was the perfect choice for her to-die-for silhouette. She looked drop dead gorgeous and was glowing with anticipation and excitement at seeing Kyle at the end of the altar. 

black and white picture of bride in mirror bride in doorway \ friend helping bride get ready bride in mirror

black and white picture of bride mom taking pics of bride

Finally we were off to St. Naum Macedonian Church, for a traditional Orthodox Macedonian ceremony. The church was filled with family and friends and the traditions were so special and sacred, it was beautiful.

groomsmen looking down aisle bride coming down aisle with parents groom looking at bride coming down aisle This shot just melts my the moment when a Daddy gives away his baby girl :) 

dad giving away his daughter


kids sitting on steps at ceremony

bride smiling at friend

macedonian ceremony macedonian ceremony


Once we got outside again, I understood why there was so much hairspray action going on back at the house - it was really crazy windy out! Wind and veils make some pretty cool pictures though, and Keirsten didn't mind a bit! 

bride in wind bride with veil

Next we headed on over to Dundurn Castle in Hamilton for wedding pictures. The elegance of this gorgeous house (definitely more of a stately mansion than a castle, hehe) lent itself perfectly to the elegance of the day.

This is where the bridal party totally let loose and had a blast. All of these guys and gals could easily step in front of any camera and model, it was like they were born to do it. Mike had an amazing time with them and Keirsten & Kyle had a blast, hanging out with their besties and celebrating their new status as mr & mrs. 

bride walking with bridesmaids

I have to take a moment here to explain what was going on in this pic. Since it was so windy, there were all sorts of things flying around in the air, including a crazy bug that landed on Keirsten. So the bridesmaid in the far left? She's just still freaked out by the bug! 

epic bridal party shot

black and white picture of bride walking with groom bride posing at Dundurn Castle

bride and groom kissing at dundurn

The ever classic dudes-with-cigars shot turned out fantastic with this super suave group of studs. (Yes I just said that, haha!)

groomsmen smoking cigars bride and groom kissing close up

Check out Keirsten's serious amount of sass in this perfect!

bride laughing with groomsmen bride and groom kissing in window

bridal portrait bridal portrait in front of doors


After the formals were over, it was time to hop back in the party bus - but first? A little top-up on the hairspray.

groom getting hairspray groom getting hairspray party bus

Shortly after this, the bridal party headed off to their reception to enjoy the rest of the night. Mike had such a great time with Keirsten & Kyle and we know these two are going to have a beautiful life together,  surrounded by their family and filled to brim with friends! 

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