Tim & Daneille Mini Family Shoot - Dundas Conservation Area

January 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my old friends Tim. We knew each other in highschool and reconnected over Facebook. He happens to be a fantastic photographer himself, (you guys can check him out at www.timcarrphoto.com) and when he suggested we meet up and do a photoshoot swap, I was all over it! I had never met his wife Daneille, since they now live in Switzerland (I know, right?) but I had stalked followed them on Facebook so I knew they were a super cute couple. And, as you can see, I was totally right.

Seriously, I feel like they should write a book or something on how they stay so in love for 10 years and with two little little ones in tow. Winter photoshoots are always hit and miss when it comes to the weather, so we were so glad for all snow that had recently fallen. It even stayed fresh and white for us and it wasn't even that cold - for the adults at least. The littles on the otherhand were a little chilly, so we had to do the shoot toute de suite. I think the photos turned out pretty good, and even though little Abigail doesn't exactly have eyes in some of them, I think it shows the funny realities of life and the love between Tim & Daneille perfectly. 

family photoshoot hamilton ontario


Poor little Abi :) 

family photoshoot near trains


An insider tip on how to get kids to look like they're smiling and avoid the cheesy-cheese? Just tell em to yell. Works every time :)

boy and mom on train steps

dad and baby beside train family photo beside train


I love Daneille's fabulous pose here, and Abigails all 'omg mom' haha. :) 

family photo on train tracks in winter

couple beside train photoshoot little boy looking at parents photo

True love :)


couples photoshoot hamilton ontario


thanks so much these are awesome!
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