Mike & Haylee - Winter Engagement Session, Albion Falls, Hamilton

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You know what I love about living in Canada? The way our seasons change. Mike has lived in Australia, and I have lived in the Netherlands, and both of those countries have very subtle weather changes. Admittedly, nobody really minds the weather in Australia, but Mike did say he definitely missed the seasons changing. So when Mike (groom to be) and Haylee were up for a winter photoshoot, and having recently been blessed with all this amazing snow, we were totally pumped to do our two favourite things - play in the snow, and hang out with a cute couple of almost-newlyweds!  We were sort of on call with this one, and after the fourth major snowfall this winter we finally had a Saturday that was free and Mike and Haylee were totally flexible with only one hours notice before the shoot. 

Mike, Mike, Haylee and our assistant Kamila, all headed over to Albion Falls, dressed warm and ready for a romantic hike. We do a lot of shoots there because of the diversity of the landscape, this time with the white snow and the dark branches made great contrast.

kissing in winter time

kissing in branches

couple laughing in snow engagement session

I just adore how Haylee's hat matches the snow hats these reeds are wearing. Like a little crowd of marshmallows :)

couple in bushes couple with bushes in front

It was a good thing we brought a blanket, I'm pretty sure it was -16. 

couple cuddling in blanket in snow couple engagement shoot snow black and white engagement photo in snow couples feet in snow

Next, it was time for an all out snowball fight. I don't know who started it, but I'm pretty sure it was equally matched!

snowball fight engagement session snowball fight snowball fight engagement shoot

After Mike and Haylee warmed each other up (aww), it was time to head back. Mike had a great time with these two, totally looking forward to their wedding this summer! 


cuddling in blanket couple kissing under bridge kissing in field engagement shoot

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