Lisa & Craig - Maritime Themed Wedding at Baranga's On The Beach, Hamilton

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Whenever I sit down to do a blog, I always get kinda excited because it's so fun looking back on the weddings we've done and reliving the day. Because I can't go with Mike to too many of the weddings anymore, I totally love living vicariously through the pictures. That's the best part about being a documentary style ninja style photographer, Mike takes the whole love story of the day and weaves it together so that everyone actually feels like they were there.

With Lisa & Craig's wedding, I could not stop smiling through their story - from the beginning to the end, these two are literally beaming through the entire day. I just love how they incorporated their Maritime roots into a fun, relaxed wedding day that was all their own. You would think that having a November wedding at a beach-y place like Baranga's would be a little contradictory, this wedding is all sunshine with these two lovebirds! A cute random fact before we start? They met at the great Canadian coffee shop, Tim Hortons, and not on a date either - just two peeps who were in line at the same time every day, and found themselves wanting more than just a few minutes of hi-how-are-ya, come-here-often? So cute :) 

When Mike arrived at Lisa's house, everyone was just putting on the finishing touches and helping Lisa slip into the most fabulous shoes. But first - best wedding invitation ever! 


maritime themed wedding invitation

flower girl getting shoes on


bride getting shoes on lacing up the bridal gown bride side profile bride side profile

bride getting ready in bridal room bride laughing at flower girl black and white photo

After everyone got all gussied up, it was time to head over to Baranga's, for Craig and Lisa's first look. We see this so much now, and we find that when our couples do it, they are much more relaxed for the rest of the day. It can be pretty scary walking down the aisle! 

bridal party walking

bride and groom first look

Just a warning going forward - if you see anything ridiculous, its because Craig & Lisa are hilarious on their own and Mike just stood back had a blast just capturing their goofiness :) I also actually had a hard time narrowing down my favourites for these guys, so because they set aside so much time for one-on-one pictures with Mike (which we love), there are a lot of pretty awesome shots.  black and white photo of groom and bride kissing

flower girl on beach bride and groom kissing in wind bride and groom on bench black and white photo of bride and groom on bench

I'm pretty sure the only reason the guy on the bike is not looking is because the cuteness would have caused him to fall right off his bike. Cuteness like that is hazardous. : )

black and white photo of bride and groom on the bench

bride and groom on beach on cloudy day

bride and groom kissing on rocks bride and groom laughing by water bridal portrait

I don't usually include the family photo part of the day into these blogs, not because the pictures aren't good, but because I like to incorporate pictures that everyone can relate to. Pretty sure you guys can feel the adorable-ness of this one :) 

bride with flower girl and ring bearer

After the short and sweet ceremony, it was time for the real fun to begin.

bride walking down aisle with her dad
wedding ceremony

Lisa & Craig did a seriously fantastic job at incorporating their theme throughout the day. From the lobster trap envelope box, to the delicious lobster and seashell shaped sugar cookies (hand baked, mhmm), to each table being named after their favourite Maritime place, the whole thing was an east coasters dream come true. 

wedding guests having fun

black and white photo of groom with ring bearer

maritime seating chart

place settings at wedding

wedding colouring book

lobster trap envelope box

bride and groom first dance

bride and dad dancing

Pretty much the rest of the night is proof of why I hope Craig and Lisa have a bus load of kids. Even if they don't plan on it, wherever they are, kids are sure to find them. It's like Craig emits a sonar signal that only people under 10 years old can hear, and it's saying "jump on me." "pin me down on the ground in my wedding outfit.'" 

kids jumping on groom

kids jumping on groom

bride and groom having fun

Okay wasn't that wedding awesome? Did you smile the whole time?? Tell us about it on Facebook! We wish these two the very best. Are they going to be married for ever and ever?! YOU BETCHA! 

bride and groom kissing at night


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