4 Reasons Why Professional Wedding Albums Are Worth It!

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Last week, Amanda and Dan's wedding album came in and I was so excited I just had to take a few pictures and show you guys. Mike and I searched for a long time to find a print company that was not only local, but that had the quality of albums that we wanted to bring to our clients. Pretty much anyone can get a photo book nowadays, I think Apple has their own program to do it or any of the other multitudes of photo album companies out there. But there are many reasons as to what makes our albums so special, and the first one is quality. I've ordered from a popular 'consumer' photobook company before, and while the album was economically priced, when I got it I realized that I definitely got what I paid for. After a few times of looking through my album, the glue literally split and the pages half fell out. And that was a re-order of the first one, the first one some of the pages were cut crooked so it was all ridiculous looking. Not exactly made for a lifetime of sharing with future generations like I wanted my album to be. That being said, I knew the first thing I was looking for would be durability and quality and thats exactly what this album has.

flushmount wedding album

The first thing you'll notice when you get your album is how heavy it is. This particular album is a 10 x 10 and about 5 lbs. It's a two-hander for sure. The reason behind the heft of this thing is because it has nice, thick flushmount pages. A flushmount album lies flat and there is no gutter interrupting the flow of the picture, which makes it awesome for telling the whole story, right across the page spread. The professional Fuji photopaper that is used is actually the best that is available on the market. This means print quality is second to none - my pictures will never do the seamless detail justice, so if you do want to check them out in person, you can always just give us a call. You can get all up close and personal and squinty with the pages and I promise you, you'll never see the little ink dots made from the printer.

These albums are all handmade too, by professional artisans in Toronto, Ontario. The best part about that, is not only is it so much cooler than having a mindless robot put together something that is so special to you, but an expert is going to notice when something isn't put together right. Your wedding album is crafted to become a timeless heirloom that is to be passed down for generations, definitely not a product of today's "throwaway" culture. I just love the fact that each album we give our client is actually made just for them, because it's an extension of our commitment to individualized service for each of our couples. No run of the mill, factory pushed out cookie-cutter stuff here! 

See how awesome the spine is? No glue, no dodgy sewing.

accordion style binding on flushmount wedding album

thick flushmount pages wedding album

The second reason we love our albums, is not only is each album hand made, but you can really customize these babies. For Amanda and Dan's wedding, we chose a dove coloured, faux silk cover for their album because Amanda's bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful muted greyish purple and there were silver and grey details all throughout the wedding decor. We've got about 10 colours of faux silk, linen and leatherette to choose from, so if matching makes you happy, these albums are perfect for you! You can put any text you'd like on the cover, we just kept this one nice and simple.

faux silk wedding album

The third reason why our albums are so special, is they are hand designed by the guy that took your photos. Mike was there, he knows the exact succession of events, he knows exactly what pictures are to be grouped together to tell the perfect story. Your album is put together by experienced artisans from start to finish, the artistic vision you hired us for is completed by having us put the album together just for you.  Its also a huge time save for you too. It's pretty cool to know that your album is going to be crafted and made and all you have to do is give it the final thumbs up and voila, it's at your door and ready for you to share with all your peeps. When we design the albums, we don't use stock templates either, because we know that each wedding is one-of-a-kind and isnt going to fit just a couple of different templates. 

flushmount wedding albums

And the fourth reason our albums rock? Only professionals can get them. You can't just sign up on a website and order these ones up, only professional photographers have access to these boutique albums. That means that your album is going to be pretty unique among your friends, which also gives you bragging rights. Pretty cool, right? :) 

So what did you think? Do you love this album, do you want to know more? Give us a shout on Facebook or send us an email, we'd love to chat! 


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