Jen & Nick- June Wedding, Hamilton

August 18, 2014  •  2 Comments

On a gorgeous summer day in June, Mike arrived at Jen's house to the happy hustle and bustle of a bunch of giggling bridesmaids. Jen and her girls were having a blast, getting ready for the big day. 


bride in housecoat

bride laughing with friends bride laughing with friends black and white photography wedding bouquet drinks

Since Jen is so outgoing and funny, her expressions made for fantastic photos. As a side note, she also has the coolest job ever - she is a professional puppeteer! Awesome!  bride laughing

Since some of the other wedding vendors were running behind schedule, Mike had a bit of time to go exercise his creativity. He found this dude on the dance floor of the wedding tent and him and our assistant Kamila coaxed this little diva onto Jen's wedding ring. He was fairly particular that we get his 'best side', a bit of an attention hog really.  white moth on diamond ring bride getting ready bride fascinator

After the finishing touches were completed, we were lucky enough to witness this beautiful moment between Jen's parents. Love the look on her daddy's face!  parents seeing bride for first time father of bride

Next, we headed on over to the Royal Botanical Gardens for the ceremony.  bridesmaids

Nick was waiting patiently for his beautiful bride, as these two decided to do a 'first look'. It was totally worth it...get your tissues out!  groom bride isolated

groom waiting for bride bride first look groom first look at bride bride crying at groom

For the record, we did not Photoshop those tears. This girl just has big beautiful happy tears! We love it!  groom crying when he sees his bride bride and groom first look

bride looking at groom groom and bride laughing bride and groom laughing

Do you guys hear violins in the background?! Cause I sure did when I first looked at those! 

bride and groom posing bride and groom pose in archway

black and white photo of bride and groom

Time for the ceremony, with more beautiful tears and laughter. 

bride walking down aisle with dad

bride walking down the aisle with dad dad giving away daughter emotional groom

bride looking at groom at altar


bride and groom first kiss

After a couple more formal-ish photos, we headed back to Jen's house for the outdoor reception. 

bridesmaids posing

bridal party posing

I love how Jen & Nick are super genuine and themselves, they truly had a really good relaxed time on their wedding day and it really shows in their photos. bride and groom entrance

bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance

I think this fist pump pretty much says it all :D 

bride fist pump

Did you guys love this wedding as much as we did? Come on over to Facebook and lets be friends! Or contact us here at Zekar Photography, we'd love to chat! 


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