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January 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

A little while back, Mike had the chance to visit the Dominican Republic with The Samaritan Foundation Organization. They helped build a home for a mom and her little girls, they visited kids in orphanages and long term care facilities, men in drug and rehab centers and got to know some of the local people.  He witnessed the amazing work that is being done to help the Dominican people build healthy, sustainable lives. Here are some of our favourite pictures from his trip.

woman and child

children in dominican dominican boy black and white photo of kids in mud boy playing in mud dragonfly on barbed wire dominican boys playing baseball dominican school children dominican kids eating popsicles beautiful dominican little girl dominican children man in slums dominican republic

man giving gum to little boy

dog in alleyway dominican woman in curlers dominican boy with stick

Dominican skyline Dominican countryside

This is one of the villages that The Samaritan Foundation has built with the hearts and hands of volunteers.

Dominican village built by The Samaritan Foundation dominican village the samaritan foundation

This is a typical home in the poorest areas of Puerto Plata.

dominican slums

A Dominican Village.

dominican slums

cow walking through residential Puerto Plata cow walking through residential Puerto Plata

beautiful dominican baby dominican man dominican man dominican children peeking out from doorway

dog lying by front door little dominican boy dominican little boy black and white photo of little girl

man on horse in sugar canes boy in overalls sweet newborn baby girl little boy in doorway boy laughing dominican

The woman who received the home. Clean, with plumbing and electricity. Safe and secure for herself and her precious babies.

woman receiving home

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Hey Teresa. Thanks for your kind comments. It was an awesome opportunity for me to be able to capture what The Samaritan Foundation is doing. They are a really incredible organization. I'm glad you also got to experience the same things, it's really life changing. And yes, Isacaar, quite the handsome and humble fellow!
My husband and I travel here with The Samaritan Foundation as well and I came across your photos by accident. So glad I did! What a beautiful photographic representation of their work!! I have seen all these places - you have captured them with stunning clarity. I especially love the picture of Isacaar ;0)
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