The Springsteads- Family Photography with Zekar Photography, Hamilton

January 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Even though after Christmas can be pretty dreary and blah around here, it makes doing family shoots even more fun. When we met up with the Springstead family to do a relaxed family photoshoot, it was pretty darn cold out so we headed on over to our studio space at 270 Sherman Ave N, in Hamilton. We were limited to a smaller part of the space due to some construction, so Mike was really excited to find out what kinds of shots he could pull out of a space that had only a couple of varieties of backgrounds. This family was a ton of fun, and the boys were super high energy, so it was only natural that the shoot turned into a mini wrestle-fest. We think the oldest boys black eye (acquired the day before the shoot, naturally) totally added to the rough-and-tumble feel to this shoot. At the end, the boys were sent to run around in circles somewhere else while this yummy Mummy and Daddy showed off their cool new tattoos. 


man by factory window

industrial family photography little boy on wood floor

family photography family photography hamilton dad and son photography dad wrestling with sons mom with sons tattoo photography

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