Jessie & Steve - Earth To Table Farm Wedding, Flamborough, Ontario

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Written by Kate Tigchelaar, studio manager for Zekar Photography.

I am so excited to share this wedding with you guys! When we heard that the Ancaster Mill had opened up a farm venue, we just knew it was going to be amazing. So on the day of Jessie & Steve's wedding, we couldn't wait to hang out with this amazing couple and experience the country elegance that we knew Earth to Table Farm was going to present. And they did not disappoint - from the jaw dropping, belly filling, amazing food, to the perfect decorations and relaxed vibe, this is one place you guys are going to want to check out! 

Jessie & Steve are a super fun loving couple, back home from Calgary. We just love our Calgary couples, they are always a ton of fun and there are always cowboy or cowgirl boots involved! Since Jessie's family is Scottish, and Steve is a pilot and they both love to travel, there were so many subtle and personal details throughout the day. There were cross-stitched aisle decorations that had oldies love song lyrics, there were bacon and cookie dough cupcakes (omgosh you guys), there were red heads. ;)

These two have such a strong love for each other, and man do they make each other laugh. I just love how much fun their families are having, this was truly a fabulous celebration of love and life! I'm not sure what my favourite part is - from the first picture of Jessie's bestie shoving those boots on, to Steve's dad using his mom's head as a tripod, there are so many amazing images. But I can't forget the image we captured of the newlyweds at their cake cutting - that one landed Mike 12th place in Cake Cutting category for the PWPC Fall 2015 contest, and helped land him the honour of coming 3rd place across Canada for the PWPC Fall 2015 contest. It's a privilege to be recognized professionally for something we just love to do! 

bride getting boots on bride laughing as boots are shoved on bridesmaids loving bride bride seeing self in mirror bride leaning into shoulder bride pinning corsage to dad groom getting ready in mirror

groom getting lipstick on groom laughing with friends groom putting moms necklace on farm wedding venue paper airplane

cross stitch yellow mum aisle groomsmen waiting to walk down aisle bride walking behind groom aisle groom looking at bride coming down aisle bride walking down aisle with parents outdoor farm ceremony bride fixing grooms corsage bride putting ring on grooms finger couple signing registry bride and groom looking at eachother in barn couple laughing by barn wall bride and groom in yellow field bride and groom in yellow field bride and groom in yellow field

couple kissing beside red barn bride in cowgirl boots bride smoking cigar bridal party selfie stick

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