Anna & Rad - Grand Olympia Ballroom, Hamilton, Ontario

August 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was a lovely Spring day on the day of Anna & Rad's wedding. These two travelled all the way back to Hamilton from Ottawa so they could be closer to their roots while they celebrate this new chapter in their lives.  I love Anna's simply elegant style with the splash of colour with her fuschia pumps - so fun! As soon as these two saw eachother for the first time, they could not stop smiling. After their first look,  they headed over to one of our favourite photography spots in the city - James St North, and then over to the ceremony which was held at the gorgeous St. Stanislaus Parish, in Hamilton, Ontario. These two have been best friends and partners for a long time and I can definitely relate to how good it feels to finally make it official.

After the ceremony, we headed over to another popular photography spot for us, the Hamilton Waterfront. There is something about the urban industrial grittiness of these spots combined with the beauty and elegance of a wedding party that just makes my heart pitter patter.  The reception was held at the lovely Grand Olympia Ballroom, one of Hamilton's classic wedding venues. 

Take a look at the beautiful day these two had!


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This post was written by Kate Tigchelaar, Studio Manager for Zekar Photography.


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