5 Helpful Reasons To Get Married At Earth To Table: The Farm

May 21, 2019  •  5 Comments

Looking for a rustic but elegant local wedding venue? Look no further than Earth To Table: The Farm, owned and operated by the fine folks at Pearle Weddings and Events. Our team is typically at Earth To Table: The Farm a couple of times a year and we simply love it there.

Here's a few practical reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding at this beautiful venue.


1.  Rustic AND Close By

If you are looking for that timeless, rustic look, but don't want to drive forever to get there, this venue is definitely one that you should consider. We've been in the wedding business for about 8 years now and we know that whenever you can cut down on travel time it's always a good thing. For example, you don't want to add an extra hour of travel from your hotel room to your venue, its way better to get there quickly and start the celebration. Since The Farm is located only 20 minutes outside of Hamilton, Ontario, its just a hop skip from one place to the next.




2. Fully Air Conditioned

Hey all you mid-July / end of August brides: This barn. Is. Air-conditioned! No worries about your makeup sliding off or getting crazy sweaty as you rip up the dance floor, you're going to stay nice and cool and your guests are too. As far as I know, its one of the only air-conditioned barns around!


dancing during wedding reception

happy bride at wedding reception

3. Amazing Photo Locations Right On Site - Think Sunset Photos!

There’s the beautiful path leading out towards the fields and the barn itself is over the top beautiful inside. So much natural light pours in and this venue is just perfect for long tablescapes, overflowing with flowers and glowy lights. Plus its situated perfectly to get some gorgeous sunset photos as well. You don't have to worry about going anywhere else and can simply enjoy your day all in one location. 

sunset silhouette wedding


4. Big Enough for Lots of Guests

Many of our couples have a ton of family and friends they want to invite, and that usually means you are stuck to only a few options, most of them banquet halls. The Farm can accommodate up to 240 of your besties and it still feels spacious. Plus you get the whole venue to yourselves which is a big bonus.

jewish wedding celebration

catching bouquet

5. The Food

As with all of the wedding venues that Pearle Weddings runs, the food here is simply amazing. But the most unique part is that you will be dining on food that is grown fresh, right on the farm itself. Talk about eating local! You will have very happy, well fed, well watered guests at this venue.


Here are some more examples of real weddings we've shot at Earth To Table: The Farm. If you'd like to find out more information on how our team can capture your day, give us a shout! Not sure of what you're looking for when searching for a wedding photographer? Check out our blog 11 Essential Questions to Ask when searching for the perfect team for your wedding day. dancing

dad daughter wedding dance

nighttime wedding photography

farm wedding in the rain


This blog was written by Kate Tigchelaar, Studio Manager for Zekar Photography Inc. All pictures were taken by Mike Tigchelaar, Lead Photographer at Zekar Photography Inc. 



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