Danielle & Cole's Wedding at Whistlebear Golf Club

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When I think of Danielle & Cole's wedding, the first word that comes to my mind is 'roots'. These two highschool sweethearts have been together for nearly 14 years and have made the most beautiful little family that just loves eachother so deeply, it kind of takes my breath away. My very favourite pictures from this day are ones where you can see how much their kids just adore their parents - with Danielle's loving security and Cole's tender strength, this family has planted roots that come from the strong generations before them and are nourishing the generations after. It's really just completely perfect. 

Here are my very favourite photos of the day! 

mom and kids

smile Danielle and Cole incorporated so many beautiful mementos and traditions into their wedding day. They really made sure that everyone that was important to them was near to them, even if their loved ones could only look on from heaven. While they were in highschool, Danielle's very best friend passed away. As young girls, they had planned to do everything together growing up. So while her friend couldn't be there on Danielle's big day, she did carry a bit of her friend with her, in the sparkles that were sprinkled throughout her hair, as her friend was a big fan of everything sparkly. 
sparkle hair sparkle hair

mom with kids mom with kids So this next series is one of my favourites for sure. Danielle is opening up a letter that Cole had written to her about how much he loves her and his favourite memories of their lives, and dreams he has for the two of them in their future. I just love how her little daughter completely anticipates her moms reaction and is ready with the tissues, just in case. It's just so sweet! 

emotional bride emotional bride emotional bride emotional bride

Danielle's gift to Cole was also a very special reminder of those who could not be with them on their special day. Cole's cousin, who was as close to him like a brother, also passed away far too young. What a beautiful way to carry the memory of his best friend with him. 

groom groom groom groom

beautiful bride beautiful bride wedding bouquet wedding bouquet

A little story from Danielle about the beautiful baskets her two giggling girls are holding here: 

"The baskets were made by a man named Richard Nolan. He is from Kahnawake, Quebec. The baskets were made for our traditional wedding. During that ceremony I am to bring white corn bread to handle out to our guest and give to Cole and Cole is to fill his basket with wild meat to handle out and share with me. This is to signify our roles to one another. "  Isn't that  just amazing? Such a perfect symbol of love, and generosity and hospitality and taking care of eachother. 

happy sisters happy sisters

derby car ring smiling bride and father happy groom ceremony ceremony happy wedding happy wedding happy wedding wedding day wedding day wedding day cake cutting cake cutting cake cutting first dance first dance first dance sweet family

daddy daughter fireworks fireworks fireworks fireworks fireworks Wasn't that such a fun wedding? I can totally imagine their kids just looking through these pictures, year after year, and remembering how special this day was for everybody. 

Some vendor shout outs: 

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Zack

Amazing Cake Stand: Gerry Burning, Danielle's Dad

Cake: The Cake Box (can we get a high five for those gorgeous icing anemones?!)

Flowers: Kayware Event Design & Decor

Videography: Brad Howe 

And of course, the always gorgeous Whistlebear Golf Club. We've been doing weddings for over 8 years now, and one thing we do know - Pearle Weddings and Events is top of their class when it comes to each and every one of their venues. The food is always amazing, the service is so professional and everything is just so flawless every time we go there. 

Interested in having one of our wedding photographers come out to capture your special day? We'd love to chat! 

This post was written by Kate Tigchelaar, Studio Manager for Zekar Photography.
Pictures taken by Mike Tigchelaar, Lead Photographer, Zekar Photography. 



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