Sarah & Rob's Fun Loving Romantic Wedding at The Spice Factory, Hamilton, Ontario

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So, full disclosure here - I think I cried like three times when I was going through Sarah and Rob's amazing wedding we did for them this past October. It's one of those ones where the romance between the couple is so real and true it's almost palpable.  These two have the kind of love story that you read about in only the best kinds of love stories.

But before I get into the sweet way these two met, let's start with Rob getting ready - and here comes the first set of tears. See that dog tag? That's Rob's dad's handwriting. He's going to be walking down the aisle with his Dad right close to his heart, exactly where all the beautiful memories of such a special man live now that he's not here on Earth to be with Rob on such a special day. 

getting ready cufflinks groom getting ready

Next, Mike and Jordan headed off to the couples amazing Victorian home where they live with their 3 gorgeous kids.  I love the handkerchief idea, it really gives you a sense of how fun loving this couple is, and also about how hard it is to keep your tears looking graceful ;) 


Let me tell you a little story about that gorgeous amethyst ring that you see there. The two of them were shopping for antiques on Ottawa St North, and this ring caught Sarah's eye. Even though she had explicitly told Rob that if they were ever going to get married, she didn't want an engagement ring and instead wanted to pick out wedding bands together. Well. Rob had a different plan, and he snuck back to the store a few weeks later and proposed with the ring she had fallen in love with! And one of the coolest parts? It's Rob's birthstone too :) 

getting ready flower girls

We've been seeing a lot of flower crowns lately, and I think they are so sweet. Everyone feels like a princess when they are wearing a flower crown! 

flower girls flower girls

flower girls flower girls

When Sarah was shopping around for her gown, she had one thing on her mind - cathedral bridal veil. I adore a long, gorgeous veil and I'm glad they seem to be coming back in style. It's just the epitome of the quintessential bride and Sarah is true royalty in her customized gown from David's Bridal. She added the gorgeous flowers herself and had a last-minute snip-snip to get rid of the straps, an excellent decision for sure. The thing that makes Sarah's look complete though, is the diamond hair piece. I adore it - its so simple and elegant and fits so perfectly with the rest of her jewelery.

Sarah's hair was done by one of her close friends Kristin and the bridesmaids hair was done by Jody Roshko.  Makeup expertly applied by Emily Beveridge @beyoutifulbyemilynicole. bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

So here's another instance of tears from me, your overemotional bridal blog writer. Sarah's reveal to her friends and family. Just look at the expressions on everyone's faces - every single person in this shot is so amazingly happy for her and full of love and can't you just hear the squeals of delight? Love it! 

bride reveal bride reveal bride reveal


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Okay so before we get into the ceremony photos, let me give you a little background in this sweet couples love story. The two of them have known each other since Sarah was 9 years old.  Their families were friends and when Sarah's family moved to Hamilton, they moved close to Rob's family as there were lots of kids in that area. One night the families got together for dinner, and Rob was in charge of wrangling all of the little kids. With kids climbing all over him he asked Sarah how she was and if she was liking her new home and all sorts of really thoughtful questions that 9 year old boys don't generally ask other little girls.  It kind of freaked her out and she remembers pretty much just not answering :) 

 They went to school together, were in the same circles of friends, but never dated. I love this because it reminds me of how Mike and I met - we went to the same school, and I knew of him (he was too scary and 'bad' so I would have been way too afraid of him to even look at him) but we passed each other every day, not knowing we were actually soulmates. And that's the same as Sarah and Rob, knowing of each other but having to go through a whole lot of life before realizing that they were actually the loves of each others lives! Isn't it romantic?!

So how did they actually meet up again? Years later, Sarah ran into Rob's sister and cousin in Shoppers drug mart. And isn't it the way when you run into old friends, she's holding a copy of 50 Shades and a Cosmo magazine. Haha! Anyways, word got back to Rob and they ended up chatting on Facebook and one thing led to another and these two fitness buffs turned a quick jog into a hike that lasted 3 hours. You know you've got a good thing going on when you literally never get tired of talking to eachother.  

Fast forward to 2017 and Sarah's getting ready to walk down the aisle towards Rob, who, if you can't tell, is over the moon seeing this seriously gorgeous babe walk towards him, ready to be his wife. 

Before we start - Sarah's beautiful flowers were done by Roger at Grayton Designs 905-774-1398. 

bride walking down the aisle

groom aisle groom aisle groom aisle

wedding ceremony

Some dainty crying going on here! :) 

wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony wedding ceremony wedding ceremony wedding ceremony wedding ceremony wedding ceremony

The reception took place at one of our favourite new venues in the city, The Spice Factory. It's the perfect place to have a casual and relaxed atmosphere with a healthy dose of industrial chic.  One of the best parts about it is that there are all sorts of cool spots to have your bridal party and portraiture pictures taken, our favourite is James Street North. Always something going on and the cool buildings make a great backdrop. 

Sarah and Rob had a ton of fun together during the bridal portraits and thats the way we like it best. When you're having fun and laughing, you always look gorgeous. 

I love the gaggle of random Hamiltonian's in the background. Street photography combined with wedding photography is our favourite! 

james street north wedding james street north wedding

Just move along. Nothing to see here! james street north wedding

james street north wedding james street north wedding james street north wedding

When love becomes art! Taken right outside the Spice Factory in Hamilton.  james street north wedding


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reception reception reception reception

Do not look at the next picture of you are hungry. Seriously, you will want to lick your computer screen. That'd be weird though, so maybe just give the talented folks at Jonny Blonde a call to do your catering like Sarah and Rob did. We've done quite a few weddings with these guys as the caterers, and in Mikes words - "best food I've had, hands down." He gets so excited when he knows Jonny is there cause everyone just dies over how good the food is! 

mouthwatering Jonny Blonde

These two had their perfect first dance to the most perfect song. Perfect because Tupelo Honey is Sarah's very favourite Van Morrison song, perfect because (unbeknownst to her) it was Rob's dad's favourite song. Perfect because she and his dad actually share a birthday. So it was a combination of every beautiful thing, combined into one most beautiful start to their lives together.  An angel to the first degree, I can certainly agree to that!

first dance first dance first dance first dance first dance

So that's Sarah's man of honour right there, her amazing big bro. She's acting out how he basically man-posed to her, asking if he could be her man of honour, something they'd talked about since they were kids. It's so cute I can't even handle it!  cute bride cute bride

emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears emotional tears

The kids kicked off an epic night of dancing with a little tribute to their parents, isn't that the best ever? 

cute band cute band


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So what'd you guys think? Honestly one of my favourites of the year for sure. Such a fun, gorgeously emotional and perfect day for these two and we were so happy to be there to capture all the incredible moments. If you loved this wedding as much as I do and are interested in having our team come out to shoot your special day, give me a shout! 


p.s I had to add this. Because, life is so beautiful and because marriage so beautiful. This picture is just a snapshot - no fancy lighting, no crazy angles. But it is everything to Rob and Sarah and that's the kind of thing that makes our job so special. Rob's Grandma passed away on Christmas Eve, just a few short months after this picture was taken. She got to see her handsome grandson marry the love of his life and she was ready to go join her husband in heaven for Christmas. They had been married for 70 years and he'd passed away just 6 months earlier. Mike and I will probably never be married for 70 years - I'd have to live to 99 and he'd have to live to 102.  But my goodness you guys, what a beautiful testament of how marriage intertwines our souls!

Okay, the end. Take a breath and take a tissue and go back and enjoy these pictures again :) 

All pictures were taken by Mike Tigchelaar and Jordan Browne for Zekar Photography. 

This post was written by Kate Tigchelaar, Studio Manager for Zekar Photography.


This pics is amazing!
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Such a beautiful emotions in this photographs! Perfect all the way! :)
Fotograf Nunta(non-registered)
Amazing work! I love the way you capture the images! It is so inspiring for me!
Elizabeth Gaasenbeek(non-registered)
This was so beautiful. Cried tears of joy and could really feel the love overflowing and spilling out of each and every picture. I believe in fate and soul mates. Sometimes the journey towards coming together in a lovely union takes detours and time but what is meant to be and what God wills happens when and as it should. Congratulations! May God bless you with a lifetime yet of love and cherished memories.
Sarah Walsh(non-registered)
No words! Absolutely incredible! A thousand times over thank you!
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